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North America

Do you really know about your neighbors? In the USA, media (phone, TV) dominates our inputs of information. Yet, few people take time to even go to the city next to the one they live. We grow up with school and sports rivalries, but few people learn about the histories and cultures of our neighbors. Moreover, many will fly across the world before they will check out our other states. Let’s try to do that.

Road Trip Across the Southwest

mountain biking in moab

I never pass up the chance for a good road trip. So after picking up my car in California in August, 2021, I figured it would be a good chance to do a little exploring. I took a road trip across the southwest of the USA. Opting for a southern route across the USA, I…

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Silicon Valley Can Re-Make the American Workplace

Silicon Valley can re-make the American Workplace

Silicon Valley Can Re-Make the American Workplace. By opening up micro offices, Silicon Valley can re-make the USA more culturally integrated and bridge the tech divide. WFH won’t work. The Silicon Valley can re-make the American workplace by bringing high-quality, high-tech jobs to the places that have historically lacked them, tap and develop new talent…

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Learn from Oprah Winfrey: Be the Highest and Truest Form of Yourself

Oprah Winfrey Wellness Tour

Learn from Oprah Winfrey: Be the Highest and Truest Form of Yourself Learn from Oprah Winfrey and her formula for wellness Key Take-Aways to learn from Oprah Winfrey: Oprah’s wellness formula is mind + body + spirit. Mind = Emotions, learning and work Body = Nutrition and movement Spirit = purpose and relationships Focus on…

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Around Alberta County, Canada: Calgary, Jasper, Banff, Edmonton

Around Alberta County, Canada: Calgary, Jasper, Banff, Edmonton I enjoyed checking out Canada and the meeting locals Most Meaningful Experience: I loved the Royal Tyler Dinosaur Museum Recently I drove around Canada’s cow country. I was in Calgary, Drumheller, Torrington, Youngstown (For a meditation retreat), then drove from Jasper to Banff. Here were some of…

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What I Discovered in Alaska: Juneau and Seward

What I Discovered in Alaska  Encountering the  struggles with climate change Most Meaningful Experience: Hearing others speak about universal basic income If you have 1 minute to fill out 3 questions, please take my survey here!  Part One: Juneau   They say that the United States is such a big and diverse place that visiting…

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What I learned Visiting Albuquerque, New Mexico

Green Chile

New Mexico: Great Food, Diverse Culture, Outdoor Mecca Eating the Green Chili and Hiking Domingo Baca were my highlights I imagine you have to be tough to survive New Mexico’s heat, rugged landscapes, and rebellious culture. So on a recent visit to Albuquerque, I decided to find out what this southwestern state was all about.…

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The Emerging Startup Scene in the “Lone Star State”

Learn About the Emerging Startup Scene in Texas. Texas has access to technical universities and large corporates making this fertile ground for startup success Most Meaningful Experience: Meeting new friends and contacts in Texas When I signed up for a startup bus tour of three Texan cities, I did so primarily to gain an insight…

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Discover the Multi-Pronged Wellness Approach of Wim Hof, the Iceman

  Discover the Multi-Pronged Wellness Approach of Wim Hof, Iceman Breathe, Cold, and Fasting is the way to reduce stress and stay mindful Key takeaways from my Iceman retreat: Intermittent fasting helps with mental clarity, fat burning, and hormonal health. Deep breathing can help to oxygenate your body and warm it up, enhancing your performance…

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Working on Political Campaign in the Thumb of Michigan

Working on Political Campaign in the Thumb of Michigan Everyone should help on a political campaign to get the experience. The most fun I’ve had in the last 10 years is helping my friend run his political campaign. Giving all that I’ve done, you wouldn’t think that, would’ya? You hear,’ Politics is evil. Politics is…

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Ray Kroc Stole the Big Mac Sauce Recipe

Ray Kroc Stole the Big Mac Sauce Recipe The founder of Mcdonalds, Ray Kroc, knocked off the Big Mac Recipe at Jalama Beach. I went to Jalama Beach on a drive to Los Angeles. There I found the story of how Ray Kroc knocked off the Big Mac sauce Recipe.   Click to rate this…

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What I learned at Burning Man + 2 Dope Videos

Top 10 things I learned at Burning Man (with 2 Dope Videos) One piece of advice I got before I left for Burning Man was: “You can get what you want out of it, so decide what you want before you go.” But I didn’t really know what I could get out of it until…

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ESHIP Summit: Growing Start-Up Ecosystems Beyond Silicon Valley

ESHIP Summit: Growing Start-Up Ecosystems Beyond Silicon Valley How to grow startup investment outside of Silicon Valley I spent two fulfilling days in Kansas City at the 2nd annual ESHIP Summit hosted by the Kauffman Foundation. They led a group of 650+ people to discuss building and accelerating entrepreneurship in their communities. It was an exciting…

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An Intro to Yoga & Meditation the Isha Institute in Tennessee

Intro to Yoga & Meditation at the ISHA Institute Tucked away an hour from Nashville, Tennessee is one of the largest meditation retreats in the USA.  Before we began our road trip from Nashville to San Francisco, Clarence and I were interested to experience an Inner Engineering session at the Isha Institute. We’d heard good…

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Joshua Tree

Just a 2 hour drive from LAX, Joshua Tree is a place everyone should visit. The drive on the way is through the windmill laced desert and mountains of southern California. One can stop off the highway and visit different reservoirs or natural parks. We stopped in Yucca Valley which had little, but to note,…

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Alcatraz Swim for Sight 2016

Today we participated in the 5th annual Alcatraz Swim for Sight, started by Ron and Lorie Hirson. Lorie suffers from a very rare eye disease that is causing her to go blind. This event is led by them and sponsored for The day starts at 530AM where we register for the swim, get ready,…

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Reunion at Davidson +15

Paul’s blog post inspired me to write a quick note about my thoughts of our reunion weekend and reflections of Davidson College. I do agree with Paul that I wish we were able to find a way to keep in touch more regularly with Davidson friends and acquaintances. Even with increasing communication mediums like Skype,…

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What I learned Taking German Colleagues to a Golden State Warriors Game

What I Learned Taking German Colleagues to a Basketball Game  Sport can bridge the differences in working with different cultures  Most Meaningful Experience: Everyone loves Stephen Curry The Warriors are in the middle of an amazing run, and I was lucky enough to host some of my German colleagues at against the Memphis Grizzlies last…

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A Solution to America’s H1B Visa Impasse

H1B Visa policy is at an impasse: US is not innovating and companies are going offshore in droves O’Canada and Australia have tested programs we can emulate Solution: Give more H1B visas for technical jobs in rural America Win-Win: Tech companies get more visas, rural America gets more jobs Just a few years back, Paul Graham led a group of venture…

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A Day Mountain Biking

I went mountaing biking yesterday at Saint Teresa Park in San Jose, CA, just before a round of golf. Upon arriving, I noticed a group in the distance but didn’t think much of it. So I grabbed my two wheeled terrain hopper and took off. In the middle of my ride, I hear a gunshot…

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Now that I’ve lived in San Francisco during the rainy season, I have learned about a new type of rain. Most of you aren’t familiar with Carolina Rain, which is a great song by Carolina Rain. Some of the quotes are “rain feels like heaven when the water hits my skin” and “nothing washes my…

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Hawaii 5.0

From Dec. 9 -13, 2006  I made my first trip to Hawaii. Upon arriving I got my first taste of Hawaiin food. It was a Hawaiian Japanese oBento. It consisted of a box of rice with a full size chicken leg and hot dog on top. This first impression governed my cultural thoughts for the…

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