Alcatraz Swim for Sight 2016

Today we participated in the 5th annual Alcatraz Swim for Sight, started by Ron and Lorie Hirson. Lorie suffers from a very rare eye disease that is causing her to go blind. This event is led by them and sponsored for

The day starts at 530AM where we register for the swim, get ready, and take boats out to the starting point which is about .25 miles from Alcatraz. On the sound of the horn we jump in and swim back to Chrissy Field beach. The entire swim is close to 3 miles.

Aftewards, we had brunch at Temple Emanu-El. Brad Snyder gave a motivational speech sharig his inspirational story, from being a Navy explosive ordnance disposal officer, to losing his sight in the line of duty, to his recent success at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio, to tackling a 2-mile swim from Alcatraz as a blind swimmer. Brad has written a book titled “Fire in My Eyes.”

See the video here on youtube.

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