Enlightenment in the Kathmandu Valley

By Kurt Davis | April 4, 2019

Wellbeing insights from Kathmandu, Nepal: • Understanding Nepalese Culture: Meeting truly genuine and humble people who do their best and stay happy on the journey. • Entrepreneurship: Focusing on the environment and betterment for all. • Perspective: Hearing about the caste system and realizing how lucky we are in the USA to have an equal […]

Country #8 Ghana: Exploring beyond Accra

By Kurt Davis | February 22, 2019

Most Meaningful Experience: Spending time hiking with my new friend Vineet. What was deeply meaningful was connecting my roots in the Carolinas with slave trade castles of Cape Coast. Understanding where the African Americans in South Carolina came from helps me to better understand the deep-rooted trauma many may still carry today. Experience the exciting […]

Country #8 Ghana: Accra and Teaching at Meltwater

By Kurt Davis | February 17, 2019

Most Meaningful Experience: The entrepreneurs I worked with were driven by creating jobs, solving local problems, and making a better Africa. That left a lasting imprint on me. The first thing that struck me when crossing into Ghana at its border with Benin was the friendly border patrol women. They smiled, welcomed me and asked what […]

Discovering Chengdu – City of the Panda

By Kurt Davis | January 25, 2019

Most meaningful experience: Really enjoyed learning about the Chengdu culture of food, fun conversation, and history. Watch a traditional Sichuan “changing of the face” opera performance in Jinli Pedestrian Street Sample the local hot pots and deliciously spicy cuisine Explore the Taoist temples of Mount Qingcheng – the birthplace of Taoism Come face-to-face with pandas […]

Borneo: One of the Best Dive Spots, left in the World

By Kurt Davis | January 9, 2019

Most meaningful experience: Diving in Sipadan, one of the best dive sites in the world. Exploring the island of Mabul where people lived basically and still enjoyed life. Diving the marine-filled waters of Sipadan Island with Scuba Junkie. Top tips: Feast at one of the Cantonese-run seafood restaurants in Semporna. Explore the island of Mabul […]

What I learned at Burning Man + 2 Dope Videos

By Kurt Davis | January 9, 2019

Top 10 things I learned at Burning Man (with 2 Dope Videos) One piece of advice I got before I left for Burning Man was: “You can get what you want out of it, so decide what you want before you go.” But I didn’t really know what I could get out of it until […]

Japan Food Blog: EatInTokyo

By Kurt Davis | January 3, 2019 While I lived in Japan from 2014-2016, I was able to eat at a lot of different restaurants. This was because my colleague, Yoda-san, and I had a business expense account for clients. So we blogged about lots of the restaurants. Enjoy!  

Australia, Aside from the East Coast

By Kurt Davis | November 19, 2018

I gathered this information from a friend who had explored some other areas. 7 places to visit in Australia aside from the East Coast So you’ve done the East Coast of Australia and want to venture further afield to explore some of the country’s spectacular natural wonders. From the temperate rainforests of Tassie to the […]

Australia’s East Coast

By Kurt Davis | November 19, 2018

Most Meaningful Australian Experience: In 2001, I visited an old friend, baseball teammate Jamie McDonald in Australia. We took a bus trip all the way from Brisbane to Whitsundays. We had a great time and adventure; till this day we share that bond. #2: I probably couldn’t have been a Navy Seal. 13 top things […]

Overland Trip: Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Capetown

By Kurt Davis | November 1, 2018