Around Alberta County, Canada: Calgary, Jasper, Banff, Edmonton

By Kurt Davis | December 9, 2019

Around Alberta County, Canada: Calgary, Jasper, Banff, Edmonton I enjoyed checking out Canada and the meeting locals Most Meaningful Experience: I loved the Royal Tyler Dinosaur Museum Recently I drove around Canada’s cow country. I was in Calgary, Drumheller, Torrington, Youngstown (For a meditation retreat), then drove from Jasper to Banff. Here were some of […]

Want to Write a Book? Here’s How.

By Kurt Davis | December 4, 2019

Want to Write a Book? Here is How. I visited Kauai Writer’s Conference and learned from some amazing authors. Most Meaningful Experience: Hearing established authors speak about his/her own experience inspired me to do more and push through the process. So you have always wanted to write a book, and you don’t have >$100k to […]

Vipassana: If You Meet the Buddha, Kill Him

By Kurt Davis | December 1, 2019

Vipassana: If You Meet the Buddha, Kill Him This is an account of my first 10 day silent meditation retreat in Yangon, Myanmar  Most Meaningful Experience: All of it.  Unfortunately, I only had a few of my original notes – this is my best effort to account for a transformational experience. I have posted a […]

What I Learned from Deepak Chopra: Take It Easy

By Kurt Davis | November 25, 2019

What I Learned from Deepak Chopra Deepak Chopra just released his new book, MetaHuman. Chopra challenges the mystery of being human. If you haven’t picked it up yet, go check it out. I attended his book launch and talk and learned all sorts of tips for better living – the trivialness of life, the release […]

My Experience in Kakuma Refugee Camp

By Kurt Davis | October 21, 2019

My Experience in a Refugee Camp in Kakuma  Kakuma is a small city of 200k people where displaced people want to create opportunities through entrepreneurship by building companies  Most Meaningful Experience: Understanding that refugee camps are like cities within themselves, filled with people who want to create a better life through business opportunities. Situated in […]

What Is it Like to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

By Kurt Davis | October 10, 2019

What Is it Like to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro The last leg was brutal and mountain sickness is real Most Meaningful Experience: Jeremy’s helping hand to make sure I didn’t fall down the mountain After a few days on my own in Nairobi, my buddy Jeremy flew into the Kenyan capital and we spent time exploring […]

What I Discovered in Alaska: Juneau and Seward

By Kurt Davis | October 8, 2019

What I Discovered in Alaska  Encountering the  struggles with climate change Most Meaningful Experience: Hearing others speak about universal basic income If you have 1 minute to fill out 3 questions, please take my survey here!  Part One: Juneau   They say that the United States is such a big and diverse place that visiting […]

Green Chile

What I learned Visiting Albuquerque, New Mexico

By Kurt Davis | September 15, 2019

New Mexico: Great Food, Diverse Culture, Outdoor Mecca Eating the Green Chili and Hiking Domingo Baca were my highlights I imagine you have to be tough to survive New Mexico’s heat, rugged landscapes, and rebellious culture. So on a recent visit to Albuquerque, I decided to find out what this southwestern state was all about. […]

Top 10 things to do in Singapore

By Kurt Davis | August 29, 2019

Singapore: Top 10 Favorite Things to Do Singapore is a great place to eat at Hawker Stans and just hang out I frequently visit Singapore – it’s one of my favorite places in the world for food, shopping, entertainment, and consistently hot weather. It also serves as a gateway to South East Asia, making it […]

Confronting Evil and Cleansing the Soul in Bhutan

By Kurt Davis | July 29, 2019

Confronting Evil and Cleansing the Soul in Bhutan Learn how the Bhutanese purify their soul through a variety of rituals   Most Meaningful Experience: Visiting the Tiger’s Nest was awe-inspiring Top tips –  Visit the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, which was spectacular both inside and out –  Try to see an archery match to experience Bhutan’s national […]