10 Things I Learned from the WimHoff Method

By Kurt Davis | June 2, 2019

Top 10 Things I Learned from WimHof Breathe, Cold, and Fasting is the way to reduce stress and stay mindful Know as the “Iceman”, Wim Hof is spreading his methodology of breathing, cold, and focus around the world. Here are 10 things I learned from a weekend retreat. More in depth here. 1. Meditation […]

What to do in the Kansai Region – aside from Kyoto

By Kurt Davis | May 27, 2019

Kyoto is one of the most-visited cities in Japan and, in my opinion, somewhere you should visit during the low season to escape the hordes of tourists. If you decide to go, I highly recommend getting out of the city to explore the surrounding areas (after you’ve ticked off some of Kyoto’s top sights). In […]

How to find Adventure in Japan?

By Kurt Davis | May 27, 2019

There are so many things to do in Japan and clubs to be part of. Before you go check out some of the top group trips like and My good friend Jordan has a new business of excursions to more remote areas of Japan that include igloo festivals, hiking trips to waterfalls, and […]

Favorite Things to Do At Night in Tokyo

By Kurt Davis | May 27, 2019

So you are heading to Japan and looking for some fun things to do at night. I’m not a big night owl but here are some tips of my favorite places. 1.Weird theme restaurants DINING BAR SUBMARINE – sub-aquatic-themed izakaya (Dining Bar Submarine, Pocket Building B1, Kabukichuo 1-17-4, Shinjuku-Ku Tel: (03) 5285-3480.) Vampire Cafe: Address: […]

Top 10 Things to Do in Tokyo During the Day

By Kurt Davis | May 27, 2019

Many people ask me what to do when you are in Tokyo. They say, “go to…Sensoji, a Buddhist temple in Asakusa which is about as touristy as it gets in Tokyo. Tokyo skytree – another good lookout point but full of tourists. The Tsukuji fish market has moved! Go to Roppongi where there is no […]

The Best Ice Cream in Japan

By Kurt Davis | May 27, 2019

While the world fights over who invented ice-cream – Victorians or Chinese, the Japanese have mastered the art, like they have most food. The first thing you notice in an ice cream saloon is flavors and store set-up. Many stores have a lot of decorative, fun and cute little decorations. The stores are slathered in […]

How to Make Okonomiyaki

By Kurt Davis | May 27, 2019

My friend of over 15 years – Itoh-san – is an Okonomiyaki cooking master. I love his distinctive cooking style. In fact, he has raised the level of okonomiyaki to such heights that I could never settle for the okonomiyaki you find in the market, which I consider mediocre. Last week was simply delightful as […]

Kaiseki Tasting in Japan

By Kurt Davis | May 27, 2019

Kaiseki or kaiseki-yori is a Japanese word that roughly translates to a dish that appeases hunger and warms the stomach. Broadly categorized into court, samurai, temple, and tea ceremony cuisines, Kaiseki has two main styles; the banquet for a get-together or the simple meal served at a tea ceremony (cha-kaiseki). Essentially, Kaiseki is a sequence […]

OBento – Japanese Lunch Boxes

By Kurt Davis | May 27, 2019

Bento lunch boxes are just as important to the Japanese and Asian culinary worlds as chopsticks are. Named after the Japanese word bento which roughly translates to “convenient,” these boxes were used as early as the 5th Century, as containers for food taken outdoors by farmers, hunters, and warriors. Initially, bento was a small bag […]

TanTan (DanDan) Mien

By Kurt Davis | May 27, 2019

TantanMian is the Japanese adaptation of the Chinese DanDanMian, a dish of noodles seasoned by a spicy sauce made from sesame paste and hot chili oil. In old times, street hawkers used a carrying pole called Dandan and sold the noodles to passerbys; hence the name dandan. Unlike its Chinese counterpart that only smears sauce […]