Live your best life: That's what the millennials say :). What is that life? It is each person's equation of purpose, travel, work, friends/family, and maybe a little more. I travelled the world in search of the best practices, tools, and research on well being. I’ve collected what I’ve learned in the articles and videos on this site. Hope you can pick up a nugget or two.

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KD Alive Introduction: What I'm About and My Blog


I, Kurt Davis, am a technology entrepreneur, well-being fan, and an aspiring social impact worker. The first 20-years of my career were spent between Silicon Valley and Asia, working with technology startups in finance and business development roles.

In 2017, I took off time and traveled to Africa to learn about the continent. It was an inspirational experience beyond any traveling I had done before. Not only did I learn about Africa, I learned even more about well-being in these places. It drove me to continue learning about mental health and happiness.

During the pandemic, I launched our Ultimate Well-Being program and published a short 10,000-word e-book called The Isolation Survival Guide. I also finished my first book called Finding Soul: From Silicon Valley to Africa. I’ll soon publish another book about startup sales and business development entitled Navigate to the Lighthouse: A Silicon Valley Guide to Executing Global Deals.

While my target audience is young professionals, I’d like to bring these ideas to high school and university students. Teaching youth about well-being as early as possible will help them live more fulfilling lives. Originally from South Carolina, I am a graduate of Davidson College and Duke Fuqua School of Business.