Join our Ultimate Well-Being (UWB) Alpha Program

All of us are dealing with well-being, not just amidst this pandemic. Like you, we've been through ups and downs and we want to share what we've learned. We aren't experts and won't diagnose you; we are generalists who want to empower you with tools that you can use to take control of your life and optimize your well-being. Join us!

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Elevate your holistic well-being, defined by 6 variables: Mental, emotional, physical, financial, spiritual, and social. We make you AWARE of how to be balanced in your well-being with personalized guidance, feedback, and a like-minded community.  UWB enables you to Live Your Best Life.


Check-In Link & Personalized Weekly Feedback

  • You will be sent a link that takes 1 minute to fill out 3x daily.
  • When you check-in, please rate how you feel from 1-10. It's just a mood check-in.
  • Then, write in a box, within ten words, what you've been doing the last few hours.
  • Based on your daily inputs, UWB offers personalized weekly feedback throughout the program duration. We will also send two emails weekly that covers the basic content.
  • As a community, we share our experiences and give each other tips. But, we want you to come to your Aha! Moments. You'll be amazed what you learn about yourself if you consistently do this for a period.


Join Together with Others

You’re not alone in this journey. During your 40-day user group, join a community of others who are learning to elevate and have access to a weekly video call. Thereafter, you can continue with your group on our platform.

Access to the UWB online resources

Access to the 40-day workbook. This workbook breaks down everything we will be doing. In addition, all of the content and articles can be accessed online at any time to help you with your awareness journey.

Twice weekly, we will send out content emails that guide you through the method. For example, we kick off the program with an email about physical well-being, and mastering the mornings and evenings. 

Isolation Survival Guide

This concise guide can help you get rid of all that distress and help you manage your well-being during quarantine and beyond. We break down well-being into six major components: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, career/financial and social.



We ask for a $49 upfront fee so that you stay committed to the program. Anything else after that is a donation.



UWB is a great program for anyone who is looking to discover their individual formula of 'happiness' and learn how to proactively manage their day to day activities that'll lead to their ultimate well being.


The program provides a structure that enables you to identify, reflect and adjust your lifestyle as well as a strong support network. Would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to take full ownership of their life!


A group of meditators, travelers, teachers and technologists.


Kurt Davis

Kurt has traveled the world in search of what makes people happy. Now, he is giving this back to the USA. Click here to learn more about Kurt.


Michele Roldán-Shaw

Michele Roldán-Shaw is an author/artist in South Carolina. A lifelong interest in personal development has led her to pursue everything from kung fu to organic gardening, travel to indie journalism. The path of Vipassana Meditation has done the most for her happiness.


Clarence Chang

Based in the Bay Area, Clarence enjoys bringing ideas and people closer together through the intersection of design and technology. He is a strong believer in empathy and exploration and aims to constantly learn from and grow through his travels across Africa, Asia, and the US. In his spare time, you can find him exploring flavors in the kitchen or reading about personal development.


Amelia Twiss

Amelia Twiss recently graduated from Davidson College where she studied psychology. She is now based in Los Angeles, California and is passionate about media, technology, and overall well-being.


Hannah Levinson

Hannah Levinson is an expat, founder and technomad currently based in Oxford, UK. Her well-being philosophy is rooted in “tikkun olam,” a Jewish concept for humanity’s calling to repair the world. A passionate community-builder and the eldest of seven, Hannah balances her lifelong pursuits of beauty, learning and justice with climbing, dancing, DJ'ing, hiking, reading, running, swimming, surfing, traveling and yoga.