Maintaining Your Well-Being While Considering Financial Stability

Well-being and Financial Stability

We spend much of our lives working and making money so make no doubt, it affects our well-being substantially. At UWB we put these together because you have to work to make money, right? So a career and finances are inextricably linked.

We break this section into three parts:

  1. Financial needs and spending
  2. Career fit based on strengths
  3. Finding meaning and purpose (perhaps passion)

Those are the three main interlinked components of finding a job that suits you well. Over time, these three variables may change. If you have a family, you need more money. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you may not have money for a while so you have to optimize for success by playing to your strengths. As Victor Frankl wrote in Man’s Search for Meaning that finding a purpose and taking responsibility for ourselves and other human beings is every man’s purpose.

To help you achieve flow, we strive to balance these three variables, while recognizing they are fluid and may change in importance over time. Everyone has to ask themselves how much money they need. Financial health supports the stability of every other variable, yet money is not the ultimate goal. Well-being also depends on job satisfaction, which looks different for everyone. In this segment, we will discuss happy and unhappy spending, as well as how to choose a meaningful career that aligns with your signature strengths.

Please note: We are still researching this topic as it pertains to our audience so we will not cover this in Level 1 but in independent classes.


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