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Social and Connection

Introductory Guide to Emotional Equilibrium

Guide to Emotional Equilibrium 1) Introduction: Achieve Emotional Equilibrium It’s not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters. — Epictetus In emotional well-being, our goal is to help you achieve a sense of baseline equilibrium through all life’s ups and downs and learn how to react to external events that…

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Introductory Guide to Ultimate Well-Being

Ultimate Well-Being Ultimate Well-Being gives you a framework to learn how to control your well-being. There is so much information out there and it’s difficult to parse through it all. So we help you to figure out what is best for you to live your best life. 1) An Introduction to UWB We believe you…

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National Service: Instilling Pride, Purpose and Proficiency

National Service: Cultivating Unity, Meaning, and Skills I have been giving a lot of thought lately to the concept of national service. I realized that national service was a great way to cultivate unity and belonging (pride), finding a sense of meaning (purpose), and getting trained in useful skills (proficiency.)  The rifts that have formed…

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Introducing National Service as a Way to Give Back & Unify

Kermit Jones

National Service – Giving Back and Unifying Now more than ever, cultivating a sense of unity, pride and empowerment is of vital importance. Citizens are calling for national service programs, and in CA-03, we know they stand to benefit us too. They can provide skills-training, new experiences mid career, and a way to give back…

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Different Types of Conversations: Casual, Intentful, and Difficult

Different Types of Conversations: Casual, Intentful, and Difficult Conversations Learn how to have different types of conversations that can affect your well-being. Earlier we reflected on our social life and who we spent time with. The strength of your relationships relies on the ability to communicate. So that means it affects your well-being. Isn’t that…

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Emplasticity: Layers of Empathy

Photograph of collection of photographs, snippets of life.

Emplasticity: Three Layers of Empathy Empathy, we’ve all heard, “Put yourself in another’s shoes.” But do we ever really do this? I know I haven’t. For many years I was a tourist, just looking out the window as the car drives by impoverished places, taking pictures of the situation only to go back to the…

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Speak with Wisdom and Intent

Speak with Wisdom and Intent Communication is essential. I recently went to a workshop in Spirit Rock that helped me articulate myself with sageness and purpose. This knowledge emerged from the spiritual writer Donald Rothberg who taught me the value of communication with intent. Communication can affect your well-being, but did anyone ever tell you how…

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Isolation Guide #5: Connected “Alone Together”

Isolation Guide #5: Social UWB and Connected “Alone Together” Learn to live alone together and create a better world “There is an underlying force in the workings of human relationships that can make or break our destiny as humans, even at work. If we don’t build work relationships with intention and care, it’s only a…

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Need Supplies (PPE) or Donate / Give Supplies (PPE)

Help Public Service and Healthcare Workers Now! Are you a healthcare worker who needs supplies (PPE)? Here is an update. We have found several suppliers and raised $5700 to date. We need to continue raising more money to fund the purchases.The Gofund me link is here. We are working with the following organizations: Pueblo Health…

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Learn the Power of Improvisation

Learn the Power of Improvisation I took an Improvisation class at Stanford University to learn how to better communicate with friends, family, and colleagues.  I learned a few things: a framework of communication, how to tell a story, and fully be in the moment Overview: Take a framework of how to discuss things into every…

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Learn from Oprah Winfrey: Be the Highest and Truest Form of Yourself

Oprah Winfrey Wellness Tour

Learn from Oprah Winfrey: Be the Highest and Truest Form of Yourself Learn from Oprah Winfrey and her formula for wellness Key Take-Aways to learn from Oprah Winfrey: Oprah’s wellness formula is mind + body + spirit. Mind = Emotions, learning and work Body = Nutrition and movement Spirit = purpose and relationships Focus on…

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Connecting Authentically with Great Conversations

Connecting Authentically with Great Conversations Learn how to connect quickly and have meaningful conversations Do you know how to have engaging conversations that lead to meaningful interactions, even with a stranger?  Hi, I’m Clarence! I’m one of the new contributors to KDAlive. Recently I went to a workshop called the Art of Charm. The AoC is…

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Let’s Take Back Christmas In America

Let’s Change What Christmas Means In America Christmas does anything but make people happy and feel connected Until we change Christmas in America, let’s wish each other Merry Chinamas! If you agree with this article, please share it with 3 people.  “Get in the Christmas spirit!” People say this to me all the time. To…

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What I learned at Burning Man + 2 Dope Videos

Top 10 things I learned at Burning Man (with 2 Dope Videos) One piece of advice I got before I left for Burning Man was: “You can get what you want out of it, so decide what you want before you go.” But I didn’t really know what I could get out of it until…

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