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Thank you for reading my book. Navigate to the Lighthouse: A Silicon Valley Guide to Executing Global Deals. Sales Pipeline International Analysis Due Diligence Checklist Corporate Partnership Card Few Japanese Mitsui Slides     Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]

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Leadership Principles with the McChrystal Group

McChrystal Group leadership

Leadership Principles and Building Resilient Teams with the McChrystal Group Over the last few months, I’ve been studying leadership. I’ve learned a lot from retired Army General Stan McChrystal, and author, podcaster and former Navy SEAL Jocko (more on him soon.) As a result, I’ve gained deep respect for their military achievements, leadership skills, and…

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Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self

Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self (Check in with yourself) Ice Cube sang it and now we should follow his concept to check-in with yourself to measure your well-being. I actually met Ice Cube in an elevator at the Four Season Hotel in Palo Alto.  “You better check yo self before you wreck…

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Common MisThinkings

Further there are many ‘thinking errors’ or common misthinkings defined by cognitive behavioral therapy as defined in the book ‘Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple’. Here is a list of common misthinkings: Type Description Example Black and white Seeing things in extreme If I do badly on this exam, I’m an idiot Shoulding Way we want…

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Physical Meeting 1 Notes: Achieve Daily Flow

Session #1: Achieve Daily Flow Understanding how discipline creates good habits that improve well-being Physical well-being fundamentally is about the discipline in developing good life habits.  To achieve daily flow, you need balance and you need the right mindset which can only be formed by you and how you go about the day and your…

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Japanese Baseball Stadiums

Japanese Baseball The Japanese have a reputation for an intense interest in American culture. They adopt many American ideas and customs, and then do them better than we do them at home! Baseball, known as Yakyuu in Japan, is one of those things. Baseball came to Japan in the 1870s and was one of the…

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Yakushima: A Magical and Mystical Island in Japan

Yakushima – My Favorite Place in Japan Kagoshima also serves as the gateway to Yakushima, a small and mystical island that’s covered in moss and home to Japan’s oldest tree – Jomon sugi (it was the inspiration behind Hayao Miyazaki’s anime film “Princess Mononoke”). I did a great day hike to the peak of Kuromidake,…

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Need Supplies (PPE) or Donate / Give Supplies (PPE)

Help Public Service and Healthcare Workers Now! Are you a healthcare worker who needs supplies (PPE)? Here is an update. We have found several suppliers and raised $5700 to date. We need to continue raising more money to fund the purchases.The Gofund me link is here. We are working with the following organizations: Pueblo Health…

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The Incredible Diversity of India

The Incredible Diversity of India India at the turn of the Millennium India has been one of my regular travel locations since I first visited in 2001. Then I was part of a GE program working in the emergency call center business in Bangalore, Delhi, Bombay (now Mumbai) and Hyderabad. I fell in love with…

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I spent 3 Weeks in Spain in 2008

I went to Spain for 3 Weeks. I’d been to Spain many times but the first was in 2008 when I went to Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, and Sevilla. But I didn’t blog about it :(. If I had kept vlogging then, I’d been famous. But I went back from other events like the Global GSM…

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