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Help Public Service and Healthcare Workers Now!

Are you a healthcare worker who needs supplies (PPE)?

Here is an update. We have found several suppliers and raised $5700 to date. We need to continue raising more money to fund the purchases.The Gofund me link is here. We are working with the following organizations:

Pueblo Health Center

UPMC Willamsport

Ellis Medicine

Dupage Medical

Super Kids Pediatrics

San Francisco Police Department. They need 6000 masks which may cost up to $10k

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On the healthcare side, Dr. Tina Nguyen is leading the charge! She is a board-certified Family Physician, works for the Federal Government, and is based in the Bay Area. She is signing up healthcare workers who need supplies.

I am looking for suppliers either in Asia or the US who can fill the void. If you know of any suppliers, please let me know ASAP.

We have already been able to fulfill a few hundred masks.

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