Japanese Baseball Hats

An Ode to Thinking and Throwing

By Kurt Davis | December 4, 2007

There seems to be an inextricable meditative link between throwing and thinking. This afternoon, Stephen Lee and I tossed a nerf football outside the Scribd office and I felt a cool breeze over my new haircut along with a new and completely untainted flow of thought. Just 2 hours before, we were in heated strategic…

Hawaii 5.0

By Kurt Davis | December 22, 2006

From Dec. 9 -13, 2006  I made my first trip to Hawaii. Upon arriving I got my first taste of Hawaiin food. It was a Hawaiian Japanese oBento. It consisted of a box of rice with a full size chicken leg and hot dog on top. This first impression governed my cultural thoughts for the…

Chinamas vs Christmas

By Kurt Davis | December 7, 2006

Christmas is a time when all the people in the US scurry around to buy presents for their friends and family. Christmas is the time in China when everyone is working hard to supply the US with all the crap the Americans buy. Chinese New Year’s is the time when the Chinese collect all the…

Top 10 Reasons You Know You Lived in China/Asia Too Long

By Kurt Davis | October 1, 2006

Upon returning to the US, here are the Top 10 Reasons You Know you were in China/Asia too long: 10) You can understand everything that people say around you 9) When crossing the street, you feel uncomfortable because of the lack of speeding cars and bicycles. You wait until a car speeds by and then…