An Ode to Thinking and Throwing

There seems to be an inextricable meditative link between throwing and thinking. This afternoon, Stephen Lee and I tossed a nerf football outside the Scribd office and I felt a cool breeze over my new haircut along with a new and completely untainted flow of thought. Just 2 hours before, we were in heated strategic discussions:

ideas for every I,
thoughts for every theory,
strategy for every step.

But twas the throwing and thinking mended my mind.
It was soothing and scintillating all at once.

I was in the flow:
the ease of new ideas,
the condensation of confusion,
the strength of strategy,
the vicissitude of changed vision
dawned all at once.

Then I reminisced about my baseball days and remembered that it was only the first 5 minutes of practice that I really liked. The first 5 minutes of having a catch with your buddy, chatting about the follies and foes, girls and gossip. Those 5 minutes were inescapable and only now imaginable.

So I shall start to throw once more…
This deserves an ode.

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