What I Learned When the Power Went Out in SF and the Philippines

By Kurt Davis | January 4, 2014

Over the past two weeks due to the wildfires in California, my power has gone out twice. AND I REALLY LIKED IT.  Here’s why: 1. Turning off the power becomes a day off for everyone including the 7-11, Safeway, and gas stations. It is like a snow day or bad weather, but it’s even better because the…

Want to Volunteer in Nepal? Here is a List of Non-Profits

By Kurt Davis | April 4, 2010

Want to Volunteer in Nepal? Here is a list of non-profits from the embassy. 1. BASE 2. BSP Nepal Biogas Support Programme 3. CEHURDES Center for Human Rights and Democratic Studies 4. CMF Centre for Micro-Finance in Nepal 5. Communicaction Corner 6. CVICT 7. CWIN 8. COPPADES 9. Didibahini 10. Ecohimal 11. Educate the Children…

I went to Croatia a long time ago.

By Kurt Davis | December 6, 2008

I went to Croatia once with Nick and made a video.

Poem: An Ode to Austin

By Kurt Davis | November 12, 2008

I departed the plane in the chill of night Only to be greeted by warmth and nice For one can tell the people by those they from the flight; I walked down the road facing a sharp wind Only to be aroused by the sweat smell of BBQ tamarind Then the smells of the street…

Business as an Art

By Kurt Davis | August 31, 2008

Bharti CEO Mittal after closing his deal with Wal-Mart said, “I like to express myself through large, transformational projects.” Business as a form of art and expression – I love that!

On Haircuts

By Kurt Davis | August 31, 2008

You are only as good as your last haircut. Today, I got a $5 haircut in China Town. Granted, I could have just use my own clippers and cut it for free but where in the USA can one get a $5 hair cut. 2018 Update: That barber shop now charges $20

On the Future

By Kurt Davis | August 31, 2008

For the gods perceive things in the future, ordinary people things in the present, but the wise perceive things about to happen…in their intense meditation the hidden sound of things approaching reaches them and they listen reverently while in the street outside, the people hear nothing at all. –Cavafy

A Day Mountain Biking

By Kurt Davis | August 31, 2008

I went mountaing biking yesterday at Saint Teresa Park in San Jose, CA, just before a round of golf. Upon arriving, I noticed a group in the distance but didn’t think much of it. So I grabbed my two wheeled terrain hopper and took off. In the middle of my ride, I hear a gunshot…


By Kurt Davis | August 31, 2008

I always pushed our baseball team’s to polish their shoes, it looks good, professional. Crash Davis in Bull Durham told Nuke Laloosh, you have to polish your shoes until you make the show, then you can grow fungus and the press will think you are colorful. So while stumbling along Canal St (kind of chinatown?)…

(17) Kurtisms

By Kurt Davis | August 23, 2008

1. Bizness (Aug. 23rd, 2008) Every great biznessman thinks he knows where he is going until he gets there…   2. Haircuts (Aug. 23rd, 2008) “You’re only as good as your last haircut.”   3. Zen (Aug. 23rd, 2008) Cherish (even the mistakes) the past, live the present, prepare the future.   4. Low-Hanging Fruit (March 27th, 2008) Low-hanging…