Want to Volunteer in Nepal? Here is a List of Non-Profits

Want to Volunteer in Nepal?

Here is a list of non-profits from the embassy.

2. BSP Nepal Biogas Support Programme
3. CEHURDES Center for Human Rights and Democratic Studies
4. CMF Centre for Micro-Finance in Nepal
5. Communicaction Corner
9. Didibahini
10. Ecohimal
11. Educate the Children
12. Education, Language And Development Training Services
13. ESP Enabling State Programme
15. Health Net Nepal
16. Health and Education for Nepal
17. Himalayan Kingdom Foundation Trust
18. Himalayan Projec
19. HURPEC Nepal
20. INSEC Informal Sector Service Centre
21. IHNURED International
22. IHRICON Institute of Human Rights Communication
23. KEEP, Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP)
24. KMTNC, King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation
25. LACC Legal Aid and Consultancy Centre – LACC,
26. LWF Nepal
27. Maiti Nepal – organization working against girl trafficking and women in exploitation 28. Martin Chautari
29. NAFA Queensland
30. NLA National Labour Academy (NLA)
31. Nepal Community Development Foundation (Canada) – NGO active in Ilam district. 32. NEFEJ Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists
33. NEPAN Nepal Participatory Action Network
34. NPI Nepal Press Institute
35. NGS Nepal Nepal Geological Society
36. NIUG Nepal Internet Users’ Group
37. NepalNet an electronic networking project for sustainable development in Nepal 38. Nepal School Projects
39. Himal Association a Kathmandu Valley
40. NPI Nepal Press Institute
41. ODC Organization Development Centres,
42. Population and Environment Journalists Society
43. SAS Sancharika Samuha
44. SAP Nepal South Asia Partnership-Nepal
45. Shangrila Home provide shelter for streetkids in Kathmandu 46. SME Center Nepal
47. Social Educational Environmental Development Services 48. SEJ-Nepal Society of Environment Journalists, Nepal
49. Tengboche Monastery Development Project
50. The Gurkha Welfare Trust
51. Transparency International – Nepal (TI-N)
Some NGOs working in different sectors
 BASEBackwardSocietyEducation,agrass-rootsocialorganization,worksthrougheducation, social mobilization and community development.
 BSPNepalBiogasSupportProgramme
 CEHURDESCenterforHumanRightsandDemocraticStudies
 CMFCentreforMicro-FinanceinNepal
 CommunicactionCornerprovidestechnicalknow-how,researchservices,radioprogramme
production training and media consultancy to community establishments and governmental
and non-governmental organisations.
 CVICT – Centre for Victims of Torture Nepal, working for rehabilitation of torture survivors and
advocacy against torture.
 CWIN-ChildWorkersinNepalConcernedCentre,pioneerorganizationinNepalfortherights
of the child and against child labour exploitation.
 COPPADES – Working for uplifting the socio-economic conditions of the rural poor and
discriminated groups
 Didibahini(GenderequalityinNepal),workingtowardsequalinvolvementofmenandwomen
in development programmes in Nepal
 Ecohimal, helps to improve the living conditions of the people of the himalayas
 Educate the Children, an NGO, sponsoring community development programme
 Education,LanguageAndDevelopmentTrainingServices-anonlinecommunicationskills
resource for South Asian development professionals.
 ESPEnablingStateProgramme,aproject,supportedbyBritishgovernmentforNepal,aiming
to help Nepalese achieve pro-poor governance.
 GAESO-GurkhaArmyEx-ServicemenOrganization
 Health Net Nepal NGO that serves the Nepalese health community by providing affordable
Internet service, access to health information, and technical support for several regional
information-sharing initiatives.
 Health and Education for Nepal – aims to support the people of Nepal in implementing
projects to improve healthcare and education services
 Himalayan Kingdom Foundation Trust – one of the largest nonprofit socio-cultural projects
ever undertaken in Nepal
 Himalayan Project, Denmark, Danish development aid NGO working primarily with education
and culture among remote area dwellers
 HURPECNepal-HumanRightsandPeaceCampaignNepal
 INSEC Informal Sector Service Centre, a prominent Human Rights advocate organization
 IHNURED International, active in monitoring the violations of human and environmental rights
in development projects

 IHRICONInstituteofHumanRightsCommunication,Nepal
 KEEP,KathmanduEnvironmentalEducationProject(KEEP)
 KMTNC, King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation
 LACC Legal Aid and Consultancy Centre – LACC, an independent non-profit, non-partisan and
non-governmental legal resource organization.
 LWF Nepal, working to empower the disadvantaged in Western Nepal and to assist Bhutan
refugee and affected community
 Maiti Nepal – organization working against girl trafficking and women in exploitation
 MartinChautari
 NAFA Queensland – Nepal-Australia friendship association of Queensland. Assisting with
sustainable development projects in Nepal. Assisting Tilganga Eye Clinic, Village Health and
Education Project
 NLANationalLabourAcademy(NLA)
 Nepal Community Development Foundation (Canada) – NGO active in Ilam district.
 NEFEJNepalForumofEnvironmentalJournalists
 NEPANNepalParticipatoryActionNetwork
 NPINepalPressInstitute
 NGSNepalNepalGeologicalSociety
 NIUGNepalInternetUsers’Group
 NepalNet an electronic networking project for sustainable development in Nepal
 Nepal School Projects – Nepal school projects welcomes everyone with an interest in
development activities in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal
 Himal Association a Kathmandu Valley-based not-for- profit organisation established with the
objective of informing the Nepali people of various issues, local, national and international, to
help them become aware and responsible national and global citizens.
 NPINepalPressInstitute
 ODCOrganizationDevelopmentCentres,aninstitutionthathelpsorganizationstodevelop,
transform and to grow
 PeaceCorps/NepalYouthDevelopmentProject,manyAmericanPeaceCorpsvolunteers
working with Nepali citizens in Nepal
 Population and Environment Journalists Society
 SASSancharikaSamuha,aforumofwomencommunicators,establishedaftertheBeijing
conference in April 1996, with the objective of promoting a more healthy and gender
sensitive media.
 SAPNepalSouthAsiaPartnership-Nepal
 ShangrilaHomeprovideshelterforstreetkidsinKathmandu
 SME Center Nepal owned by the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia
and the Pacific (ADFIAP) this site plans to help small business to do big business
 Social Educational Environmental Development Services providing relief at the most basic grass
roots level to some of Nepal’s poorest villages.
 SEJ-NepalSocietyofEnvironmentJournalists,Nepal
 Tengboche Monastery Development Project aiming to protect the environment and to face
the pressure from the increasing number of tourists.
 TheGurkhaWelfareTrust
Transparency International – Nepal (TI-N) – A civil society institution dedicated to increasing public accountability and curbing corruption in all walks of life.

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