Poem: An Ode to Austin

I departed the plane in the chill of night

Only to be greeted by warmth and nice

For one can tell the people by those they from the flight;

I walked down the road facing a sharp wind

Only to be aroused by the sweat smell of BBQ tamarind

Then the smells of the street advise of the delicacy;

I drank in the bars with heavy beer in hand

Only to be entertained by the melody of the bands

Next is the song which tells the real stories of faraway lands;

I smiled at the the ladies as they walked on by

Only to be acknowledged by inquisitive eyes

Most ladies aren’t so open or confident to the stranger guys;

I put on my tight jean, justins, and off I scoot

And ladies in my favorites: black jeans, ruffled cuffs and cowboy boots

The attire is what really gives a place its boost;

Austin exemplifies how every village or town show be proud

To have a culture it call its own so all others can be wowed

And then we all could roam the world freely, allowed

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