A Day Mountain Biking

I went mountaing biking yesterday at Saint Teresa Park in San Jose, CA, just before a round of golf. Upon arriving, I noticed a group in the distance but didn’t think much of it. So I grabbed my two wheeled terrain hopper and took off. In the middle of my ride, I hear a gunshot and about 3 minutes later a pack of dudes come up behind me. One of the guys yelled Berkeley get out of the f’n way! I thought who is Berkeley, looked back, and peeled off the course and flopped on the hill.

Then I, clad in a bright yellow under armor shirt and navy blue shirts, realized that I was Berkeley. The guys who rode by me were in Stanford, Oregon, Nevada, Chico State, and Berkeley uniforms. I continued along after them, faintly thinking I could actually catch them, and stopped to speak to a cameraman who said it was a Pac 10 race! What are the odds that I stumbled upon a Pac 10 race!

By the time i got off the trail, 45 minutes later, my wheel was in a 90 degree angle and when I lifted it up on my car rack it completely fell off! I’m glad it didn’t fall off while I was riding.

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