Finding Soul, From Silicon Valley to Africa: A Travel Memoir

Title: Finding Soul, From Silicon Valley to Africa: A Travel Memoir and Personal Journey Through Twenty Countries in Africa

Headline: Go on a journey to Africa, and learn about the sights, sounds, and smells of the continent. Not just the outer journey, but you’ll go on an inner one as well. Let the book change you from inside to out. 

The Book:

I thought, “What on Earth are these souls doing in the middle of the night?” And it wasn’t as if I said black or African or whatever. Immediately what passed my mind was souls. When I said that to myself, fear vanished, and I saw that person in front of me, just like me – not black or white, rich or poor, African or American…it was one of the truly magical moments of being in Uganda.

Finding Soul, From Silicon Valley to Africa is a travel memoir, spiritual journey, and self-help book all in one. Each chapter reads like a vignette while developing the key themes in the book: experiencing deep empathy for others, releasing ego and identity, and discovering a deeper meaning for life. Other Aha! moments emerged such as understanding the roots of racism, empowering through entrepreneurship, and learning how to enjoy a journey without a plan. And what would a travel novel/memoir be if it didn’t have a bit of romance, right? Finding Soul, From Silicon Valley to Africa gives the reader a detailed description of not only what Africa is like but also how the experiences changed and inspired me. 

If you want to read a soul inspiring travel memoir about 19 different African countries, or you want to learn how to develop a more meaningful career and learn how to live to your fullest, or you simply want to laugh, love, and cry, then Finding Soul is for you.

Ten Amazing Organizations Inside:

MEST Entrepreneurial Hub  (Ghana, Nigeria)

Innovation Africa (Innovation Africa) (Subsaharan Africa)

Kindle Africa Non-Profit ( (Nigeria)

Better Me Kenya (Kenya)

Shoe4Africa (Kenya)

Team4Tech (Many countries)

LeapSchools South Africa (South Africa)

Bonghohive (Zambia)

Mhub Malawi (Malawi)

Melon Mission School (Kenya)


Finding Soul: SIlicon Valley to Africa is a travel memoir that invites reflection. The reader not only enjoys the varied adventures of a refugee of success from Silicon Valley to re-discovering soul in Africa and the delights of sight, sounds, and smells while being an armchair traveler, but the invitation to reflect on where your own lids is and where it is going.” 

-Catherine Ann Jones, Buddha & the Dancing Girl

“It’s good to read about someone who left the Silicon Valley treadmill to find happiness elsewhere. Kurt Davis provides a window into what happens when you stop, think, and find your soul. It’s a very human adventure.” -Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer at Venturebeat

“A tech entrepreneur searching for something more goes to Africa and finds new purpose and meaning in life. Go on a journey — inner and outer with him.” -Dorie Clark, author of The Long Game and executive education faculty, Duke University Fuqua School of Business


About the Author:

Kurt Davis is a technology executive entrepreneur, well-being expert, and social impact worker. The first 20-years of his career were spent between Silicon Valley and Asia, working with technology startups in finance and business development roles. 

In 2017, he took off time and traveled to Africa to learn about the continent. There, he taught his learned skills to others in the entrepreneurship community in Africa. So many people asked him thoughtful questions that he kept digging into his own experiences and asking others to answer them. One day, a few people requested him to write a book or a manual about it. So he wrote his second book, Navigate to the Lighthouse: A Silicon Valley Guide to Executing Global Deals.


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