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Financial wellness is a very important foundation - allowing you the freedom and flexibility to focus on what's important to you.

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Maintaining Your Well-Being While Considering Financial Stability

Well-being and Financial Stability We spend much of our lives working and making money so make no doubt, it affects our well-being substantially. At UWB we put these together because you have to work to make money, right? So a career and finances are inextricably linked. We break this section into three parts: Financial needs…

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National Service: Instilling Pride, Purpose and Proficiency

National Service: Cultivating Unity, Meaning, and Skills I have been giving a lot of thought lately to the concept of national service. I realized that national service was a great way to cultivate unity and belonging (pride), finding a sense of meaning (purpose), and getting trained in useful skills (proficiency.)  The rifts that have formed…

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Introducing National Service as a Way to Give Back & Unify

Kermit Jones

National Service – Giving Back and Unifying Now more than ever, cultivating a sense of unity, pride and empowerment is of vital importance. Citizens are calling for national service programs, and in CA-03, we know they stand to benefit us too. They can provide skills-training, new experiences mid career, and a way to give back…

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Don’t Set Goals in 2021

Don’t Set Goals in 2021 Control what you can control; focus on your efforts, not the outcomes. Ultimate Well-Being Program reframes your mind to get excited, be thankful, and recognize accomplishments. I had an interview in late 2019, I really wanted that job, I thought. The recruiter asked me, “Where do you want to be…

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Breaking Out the Career Funk

career funk

Breaking Out the Career Funk I hear a lot of people in the professional world say, “I’m in a career funk.” When you ask them why, they have no answer. What was once excitement is now apathy and a new challenge is now mundane, this is the “career funk.” This not-at-all bad. In fact, we…

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Take Back Control of Your Attention

Take back control of your attention

Take Back Control of Your Attention Make No Mistake, The Biggest Battle in America is for Your Attention The news media wants your attention. Facebook/IG/Snap/TikTok/LinkedIn want your attention. I want your attention! You get so used to being distracted that you can’t even focus on those around you. Do you find yourself struggling with time…

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Silicon Valley Can Re-Make the American Workplace

Silicon Valley can re-make the American Workplace

Silicon Valley Can Re-Make the American Workplace. By opening up micro offices, Silicon Valley can re-make the USA more culturally integrated and bridge the tech divide. WFH won’t work. The Silicon Valley can re-make the American workplace by bringing high-quality, high-tech jobs to the places that have historically lacked them, tap and develop new talent…

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Isolation Guide #4: Career and Financial Stability

Isolation Guide #4: Career and Financial Stability Create financial stability in time of crisis like Coronavirus Work on this: Define financial stability  Have set work hours – and stick to them. Use “down time” to reflect on and map out your career/financial goals and intentions. Find your flow in work. Learn something new. Ask for…

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Learn the Power of Improvisation

Learn the Power of Improvisation I took an Improvisation class at Stanford University to learn how to better communicate with friends, family, and colleagues.  I learned a few things: a framework of communication, how to tell a story, and fully be in the moment Overview: Take a framework of how to discuss things into every…

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The Future of Work is Remote

The Future of Work is Remote No need to monkey around a cube any longer; technological advancement and institutional encouragement forces a false choice to fade away. If you have dreamed of sailing away to a faraway island where the cocktails flow freely and the seaside villas are cheaper than your fifth-floor walk-up, but hesitate…

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How to Break Into Technology

How to Break Into Technology It’s possible to have no college degrees and break-in “Fake it until you make it” Learn some hard skills that are easily hireable Don’t: Compare, Envy, be careful not to be something else someone wants/needs Tell people what they want to hear We are well into the digital age, and…

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How to Give Feedback Like a Buddha

How to Give Feedback Like a Buddha Essential ways to give feedback to a friend, colleague, or family member. The Zen Center in San Francisco offers skills-based classes in communication and personal development. I highly recommend these.  Develop confidence through an understanding of giving and receiving feedback through a Buddhist lens. “Learn to take the…

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Want to Make a Career Change – Use Zen to Help You

Want to Make a Career Change – Use Zen to Help You Follow the plan below to guide you through a career transition. So you need a change, a shift in your career but you don’t know where to start? It’s hard. Stopping what you’ve been doing for years. I went to a class at…

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Living Life on Purpose Workshop

Living your Life on Purpose A good workshop to get focused on what’s important to you  Living Life on Purpose is a workshop hosted by Tina Desalvo’s organization Soul Purpose. It is about taking responsibility for your purpose. It’s an execution of the true genius/calling – the very thing each individual on the planet is…

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