Living Life on Purpose Workshop

Living your Life on Purpose

A good workshop to get focused on what’s important to you 

Living Life on Purpose is a workshop hosted by Tina Desalvo’s organization Soul Purpose. It is about taking responsibility for your purpose. It’s an execution of the true genius/calling – the very thing each individual on the planet is supposed to do with their very short time. To get there, you need to explore this process of finding clarity and alignment with the Self. Doing so will allow us to find happiness internally and stay away from distractions about what others are doing. 

To live our lives with purpose we need to think about outcomes. We need to discover, plan for, and act towards our ideal future. It’s not easy to find this clarity. The main question to consider is, “if everything in my life, starting today, meets or exceeds my most optimistic expectations, what would my life look like in five years?”  Even further, “who are you and what are you doing? What are you not doing anymore? How do you feel? How do people speak of you? What makes this future vision important to you?”

KD:For me, I’m helping create change and build. I’m helping people in an organization. I want my own mission.

However, the future can’t be established without unpacking the past. We should consider our accomplishments and disappointments. Never ignore things that seem minimal, they’re vital to provide confidence. But note when accomplishments are large.  It’s equally important to address your disappointments. In my past, I’ve chosen the wrong relationships, and being so picky I excluded myself from many valuable experiences. We should also recognize how we deal with this? Do you beat yourself up about your disappointments? Don’t. Shame has no useful purpose.

We should leverage our accomplishments. All the skills we’ve applied to pave paths to our success are still readily accessible in our arsenals. Acknowledge the lessons you’ve learned, “What’s the secret sauce to my success? Why was I able to achieve what I’ve achieved? What didn’t work and why? What are the lessons I need to learn to fill these gaps?” Imagine your life looking from the outside looking in from an unbiased observer’s point of view. What advice would you give to yourself? What’s the difficult truth that you won’t admit?

Thinking on the lessons you’ve learned is useless if not to be transformed into a set of guidelines. Think about where you’d be if you took your lessons, applied them to your life, and reflected on the results. It’s critical to address your self-imposed limitations. These are the destructive methods by which you distract yourself from your dreams, ignore your strengths, and justify your non-achievements. Imagine what this costs you and then question if you willing to stop limiting yourself. The answer should be yes. 

It’s vital to let your core values navigate your position in life like a captain of a ship. What matters to you? What are your priorities? It’s a hard question to answer, but consider what you consistently act on. What triggers your motivation? For me, I’d fill my life space with books, good conversation, good food, exercise, travel, and the betterment of others and society as a whole. These are the things I visualize about, where I’m organized, energized, and inspired.

KD:I value affection, balance, benevolence, health, learning, patriotism, and harmony. I try to live up to my values every day, but I understand where I’ve fallen short. I’m out of touch when I travel too much and run away from home as well as spend too much time pushing business development and sales. 

Now it’s time to focus and make progress. Put your main problem behind you and execute. Lose your biggest drain on energy. Choose a role and make your breakthrough. The best way to stick to your goals is to plan your life. Plan your life in regular periods: days, weeks, and months. At the end of each period self-reflect. Where are your loose ends? To mitigate them, create a not to do list that captures bad habits and wasted time. 

Create your roles in life, values, and then an intentful plan around that.

With these tips, you can live to your fullest potential and contribute to the world in your most valuable ways. By living your life with purpose you can inspire others to do the same, and fill the gaps where you may have been distracted, and you can fill the gaps where they might have been distracted. Living your life on purpose on a micro-level progress the world on a macro-level. This is worthy of your time, energy, and effort. 

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