Top Ten Ways to Make a Better World Post Covid-19

How can the Covid-19 pandemic possibly make a better world in the future?

Last week we talked about how the Covid-19 pandemic has already caused changes in the American workplace and the future of working from home. This week, we want to talk about how Covid-19 can lead the way for a better world in the future. Here is our list of the top 10 things we have learned from Covid-19 for a better post Covid-19 world:

  1. Stop all the excessive waste – let’s face it, during Covid-19 our top priority became our health, emotional and financial well-being. Due to this, our concerns about reducing waste and recycling more were likely thrown to the side. But Covid-19 has caused more home waste than ever before!  Let’s bring this back into focus. Recycle more. Take reusable bags to the supermarket. Buy less. Use less toilet paper, worried about shortages? Work on reducing your usage. Eliminate food waste as much as possible!
  2. Netflix and Chill isn’t so bad: Learn to be still with a loved one, and be with family, kids (our future). While you participate in Netflix and chill take this opportunity to be mindful of the media you consume. Expand your idea of what you would watch. Watch TV shows with a diverse or non-white cast. Add some shows about race and being black in the U.S to your queue. 
  3. Be at home: Work from home, Cook from home, party at home, all saves the environment from excessive travel, food production (especially meat), and unneeded lifestyle practices. This is a great opportunity to incorporate vegetarian and vegan recipes and food practices into your life. Here are some quick and easy recipes to get started with! Cooking at home also allows you to reduce consumption in takeout, which reduces waste!
  4. We are all a part of nature! People have been spending more time outdoors and have gained a new appreciation for nature. Many people have also been increasing the amount of exercise they do, making sure they are doing something active daily (Physical wellbeing is essential to ultimate wellbeing). Continuing to spend time outdoors and engaging in physical activity as much as possible in the future is super important and something that should be prioritized in order to make a better world.
  5. An increase in ethical action and activism, as well as a reduction in consumerism. People are engaging in political activism, donating to charitable causes, and understanding our interconnectedness better than ever. We are beginning to see less individualism – and more interest in investments for the greater good. Covid-19 has increased visibility of the social determinants of health. It has also pointed out how certain groups of people (racial and ethnic minorities, those of lower socioeconomic status) are disproportionately impacted by the negative effects of something like a pandemic. Recent protests surrounding Black Lives Matter and police brutality have made it so that more people are involved in ending systemic racism. This engagement in ethical activism and action must continue! Donate to a cause that you believe in, go to a protest, educate yourself about an issue. Take this increase in spare time to learn something and change something. 
  6. Pride and Respect in Everyone’s work: Japan has this. America doesn’t. We have seen an increase in appreciation for our essential workers. Moving forward we should continue this respect for essential workers- from health care workers to postal workers and foodservice and farmers. 
  7. We can use this ample time spent online to reform our digital lifestyles to be healthier and more productive. We should use time with our devices to rethink the community we can create through them. Spend this time following more content creators you admire and engaging with online communities that you support. 
  8. Less is more: Less travel is better for your life. Less stuff is better for the environment. Less clothes shopping is better. If you are going to shop for clothes, make an effort to shop at thrift stores as opposed to fast fashion corporations. There are even online thrift shops such as Depop and ThredUp that you can shop from without even having to leave the comfort of your home! Massive consumerism needs to stop. 
  9. Now is the time to support more local businesses. Especially those that are BIPOC owned. Support local business: The rich got richer so what do we do? Supporting local businesses promotes growth in your very own community!
  10. We are all connected, whether we like it or not. Maybe you have thought that your individual contributions don’t matter in the long term- especially in regards to our climate or economy. If anything, COVID-19 has shown us that we suffer together (but not equally). Once we can get on the same page, we too can overcome lingering problems that will just harm us even more than Covid-19. Read more on connection in one of my favorite spiritual books,  Rays of Dawn. 
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