Top 10 Vipassana Takeaways & Original Vipassana

Top 10 Vipassana Takeaways

Sometimes, one needs a retreat to reset

Please see the original vipassana here!

Vipassana: If You Meet the Buddha, Kill Him

  1. How You react to external stimuli is the most important thing in life
  2. Bringing yourself back to breathe and in the moment.
  3. Anxiety is self-induced, wants to create anxieties. Thinking of the past creates depression. Being in the moment does not.
  4. Increasing concentration and minimizing fatigue
  5. And just being Zen as Fuck. Stoicism is an amazingly powerful tool if you can learn it.
  6. Detox stimulants, bad foods and more has lasting benefits to your mental health
  7. Check-In consistently to figure out what’s happening in and around your body
  8. Try try again, be patient and persistent. That’s meditation and that’s life
  9. Happiness is a choice. So Be Happy (Its written everywhere in the Dhamma Halls)
  10. Fuck It, life really doesn’t matter, so why do we make it so important.

Top 10 Improvements post meditation.

1) mental concentration increases

2) mental tiredness declines – focus longer 

3) Keep your body clean in terms of what you consume

4) Be acutely aware of what’s happening in your mind and when you need to ‘throw out the trash’

5) Allows you to be so strong in your meditation practice so you can jump in at anytime anywhere

6) Understand your thoughts as the most influential part of your activities

7) Simplify simplify – life doesn’t have to be complicated and so don’t make it that way

8) What happens around you doesn’t matter, it’s all about how you react to it

9) There’s power in detoxing stimulants from body; vegetarian meals release anger from the body

11) Anxiety is self-induced, wanting to do too many things, wants create anxieties. Being in the moment, does not.



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