My Top Izakayas in Tokyo

My Top Izakayas In Tokyo

My 5 top places to experience an entertaining, generous and fulfilling Izakaya

Izakaya is Japanese word for pubs but it literally means stay, drink, room. It describes an informal way of dining, snacking, pubbing and having fun. Surrounded by your colleagues, friends and even strangers, enjoy the izakaya experience with an explosion of great tasty food, cheers, and entertaining chefs.

Osusume wa nandesuka? (What is your recommendation?) This is the question you ask the chef when you want to enjoy a lavish spread of Izakaya. And chefs like to recommend their choicest menus as well as make sure you have an equally memorable experience to last a life-time.

#1 Marushigemuyouya (Tokyo)

Rena my beautiful friend introduced me to this place – Marushigemuyouya. At first, I wasn’t sure how it will turn out and I had my reservations that it is going to be that regular – extraordinary experience. As you mentioned above, Izakaya anywhere in Japan is a memorable experience. Izakaya bars make sure you have a gala time and that in itself is an extraordinary journey. However, this place surpassed my expectations. My vocabulary falls short to describe the greatest experience I had here.

The people around here are more than amazing, incredible and sweet. The food is finger eating good and they are welcoming and generous with their drinks. Marushigemuyouya proved to be the best Izakaya, I have ever visited in Tokyo.

Address is mentioned in the link below if you intend to visit here:

#2 Izakaya at Negiyaheikichi Onion – Many ways

Negiyaheikichi is our favourite hangout place and we check-in here with our clients to this Izakaya. As we know they can never go wrong. Hospitality at Negiyaheikichi is noteworthy, and they always took care of us with their delicious scrumptious, tantalizing food.

They specialize in making Negi (Japanese Green Onions) in multiple variations. They also serve lip-smacking Tempura, Grilled food, Fried meat, Boiled, and Steamed options, in hot pot or on Teppan. The manager at Negi is an eloquent speaker who speaks good English, Therefore, I will recommend this place to treat English speaking crowds.

To visit this place, address is mentioned in the link below.

#3 Hidden Izakaya close to Grand Hyatt

A very hidden Izakaya in the side roads of Roppongi. It looks like one is walking into a garage but after walking past there is a small alley that leads to here. Loved the miso marinated steamed fish, the sirloin was grilled rare, and Tsukune and egg was amazing. Vegetables are picked daily. One can even grill the food at the table. They do have English menu. You have to reserve few days in advance.

Contact number # 03 3401 2296

#4 Nana – Kyoto Style Izakaya (Tokyo)

We had an early year party with our friends at KDDI. This Izakaya had a very nice ambiance and creative food.  For the price, the food is better elsewhere. But it’s a great place to take guests to celebrate prominent occasions.

Pros: Ambience of Nana makes you feel you are in Kyoto and if you don’t make it to Kyoto, just visit this place to get a hang of Kyoto.

To reach here follow the map in the link below:

Remember, Izakaya is neither your regular hefty pub offering or fancy-looking but bland dish. No, the food experience at the Izakaya joints is phenomenal, especially when accompanied by delicious drinks.

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