Italian: A comparison of my favorite places

Italian: A Comparison of My Favorite Places

Don’t miss the Italian restaurants in Japan!

I always tell people that the best Italian food is in Japan. In fact, I have Italian people who often tell me the same. Of course, this may not be true but I have yet to have an Italian meal that is not somewhat unique and always delightful. Mixing the precision of the Japanese, fresh ingredients, and cultural appreciation of Japanese who have lived in Italy manifests a wonderful experience at any Italian restaurant in Japan.  They are countless and its worth trying the cheapest to the Michelin Star.

#1 La Brianza: So far, this is my favorite Italian restaurant in Tokyo. Laura, CEO of Best Lving Japan, recommended that I go here.

“If you are looking for a romantic date night restaurant with amazing Italian food, you must try La Brianza in Azabu Juban. The restaurant is one of my husband’s and my favourite hid-aways. The chef and owner Okuno-san studied in Italy to perfect his skills and now owns a few La Brianza establishments (Ark Hills and a pizzeria in Juban). However, this is the La Brianza Restaurant that Okuno-san cooks at daily.  It is located near the slide park in Azabu Juban.

Okuno-san changes the menu seasonality only offering the freshest ingredients. The other night we had a wonderful La Brianza autumn course menu that included oysters, saba fish over muscles, a tasting of foie gras, perfectly cooked Kobe beef, handcrafted cheese over sweet red tomatoes, and gratin with truffles. Of course there is a wide selection of pastas, risotto and gnocchi on the menu as well.”


#2 La Bisboccia:

This Italian place is frequented by the Prime Minister of Italy.  The servers are Italian as are the chefs. The noodles are homemade and they show you the meat before you pick it out. Make it a special occasion as it is expensive.

Italian Style Service: 5

Food: 4 Ravioli great, meat good, loved the boretta and tomato

Ambience: Nice, quiet

#3: Zio Pizzeria Gelateria – A more casual experience in Iidabashi but the pizza is fantastic and reasonably priced.  At Coto Language Academy, we came here for our last lunch. They also serve Gelato and homemade desserts to die for.

#4: Napule: Located in Roppongi midtown it is a very dainty Italian place with an outside terrace overlooking the park and highway. Their speciality is in the seafood and meat. The owner is a lot of fun if he is in town.

#5. Pizzeria de Peppe Napoli – My local place when I lived in Tokyo is in Kamiyacho. The owner studied in Italy for 5 years and returned to make the best Margherita Pizza, very affordable, and fun with friends.  And it really is the best.



#6 Walk up Kagurazaka and you can’t miss this place.  One of my favorite spots in Iidabashi that mixes fresh seafood with Italian style dishes. For the price, its a great place.

#7 Here is another small place in Iidabashi which I can’t remember. But I had fun with Amelie!#7

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