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Ironmans, 3-Day Meditations, Writing Books

Purple Patch Training Camp

What do Ironmans, 3-day meditations, writing books have in common? Ironmans, 3-day meditations, writing books have a lot in common. Ironmans take most of what your body can handle. Three day meditation trips take all of what your mind can handle. During either of those, you want to quit, cry, stop; but, something compels you…

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Why Write a Book? Top Ten Reasons

Why write a book? Here are my top ten reasons.   Don’t think for one second my books are best sellers, or that I’m trying to get famous. I’m not and I don’t care about either of those reasons. I wouldn’t complain if I hit the WSJ best-seller list one day, but that’s not the…

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Writing About Writing: Ten Tips to Write a Book

write a book

To write an 80k word book, you need about 5-600 hours between you and others helping. That’s the time. Cramming it in all at once is painful, so I suggest that you amortize it. Here are my ten tips to write a book. Ten tips to write a book: Find something you care about –…

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Communication Skills: A Method for Success

Advancing my Communication Skills with a Communication Class at Stanford Communication is essential. It is our human nature to be social. We communicate every single minute of our lives. It can be from board meetings, family reunions, friendships to our inner dialogues. We literally wouldn’t be able to navigate our society without communication. You must…

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Due Diligence and Questions Checklist For Potential VC Investors

Potential VC Investor Due Diligence and Questions Below you will find a list of our due diligence and questions by category for my book Navigate to the Lighthouse: Value Proposition: Key questions What are the biggest pain points experienced and what value propositions are implied? By ecosystem stakeholders, e.g. merchants, consumers, card networks, banks, etc.…

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Fuel For Ultimate Well-Being

Fuel for Ultimate Well-Being Ultimate well-being relies on the food you eat throughout the day. I’ll be honest. I am terrible at living; you know, the day-to-day. That’s because I spent almost my entire life travelling, working like a fiend, and eating out with people. Then the pandemic hit and SMACK! I had to go…

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