Teppanyaki in Tokyo

Teppanyaki In Tokyo

One of my favorite Tokyo restaurants and its Teppanyaki


Teppan means Hotplate or Iron griddle, while Yaki means grilled, broiled or pan-fried. So Teppanyaki is an assortment of food displayed on a hotplate/griddle and served right in front of you.

My Top 3 Destinations in Tokyo

#1 Ginza Steak Tokyo

To celebrate our new contract with (UCC), we chose to dine at the new Ginza steak restaurant. Since coming to Japan, this has been my favorite place to unwind. The course started as a 5-set sampling menu of fresh Uni, pate, corn soup, and sukiyaki. Then came the beef! They served us 6 different kinds of beef (a total of 300g).  And this is all you can eat!  So, Yoda had an extra helping (a total of 600g), but Kurt and Tomo only had one.

Whether you order à la carte with separate dishes, or go for a set menu, you can be assured of a well-rounded meal with a little bit of everything. Your palate will be on a rollercoaster ride with fresh seafood, sweet, savory, oniony, tangy, and many such flavors the dishes have to offer.

Check out a few pictures, the teppan or the hotplate is one of the largest I have seen in Tokyo.


To know more about Ginza steak their menu, location and prices, visit their website http://www.ginzano.jp/steak/

#2 Teppanyaki: Seryna, Cher Ton Ton

Roppongi is one of the fanciest Teppanyaki places and home to Cher Ton Ton. You sit around a very large open grill and watch the chef display his great skill in presenting a delectable food-show – all right in front of you! If you’re not sure what to order, I recommend Kobe Beef over other meats for a rich Teppanyaki experience.

For dessert, Gaijin is definitely my favorite. A delicious homemade ice cream (sorry couldn’t find a picture of it though)! Certainly a “must-have” among your Japanese treats.

To know more about Cher Ton Ton click here http://www.seryna.co.jp/monchertonton/

#3 Teppanyaki-Ten

To celebrate our Mitsui Reunion Part 2, we hanged out in Teppanyaki-Ten. Bert came into town last week and he wanted to relish and savor delicious low carb food. So, as dutiful friends we took him on one mouthwatering low carb rollercoaster ride to one of my favorite Teppanyaki places in Ginza, Tokyo.

At Teppanyaki-Ten, they combined seafood and meat and created a delicious teppanyaki menu. Teppanyaki-ten does a variety of seafoods and meat teppanyaki – all the meats and seafood used here are refreshingly fresh. This is often well visited by Gaijins as the waiters speak English.

To visit here, use the map in the link below:



Hibachi is another dish that is quite famous outside Japan as well, though Teppanyaki and Hibachi have a different style of grilling. In fact, there are variety of dishes to relish and taste. Food in Japan looks like it has been crafted and engineered with care. The way they cook food may look similar, but it is details that matters a lot. Henceforth, even with the akin cooking procedures they stir up a completely new dish. Also, Teriyaki is the most popularly used sauce in Teppanyaki dishes.

Other Recommended Places:

Roppongi (Tokyo), Misono (Kobe City) Ginza Ukai-tei (Tokyo), and Gion Ichido (Kyoto)









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