Don’t Set Goals in 2021

Don’t Set Goals in 2021 Control what you can control; focus on your efforts, not the outcomes. Ultimate Well-Being Program reframes your mind to get excited, be thankful, and recognize accomplishments. I had an interview in late 2019, I really wanted that job, I thought. The recruiter asked me, “Where do you want to be…

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Fuel For Ultimate Well-Being

Fuel for Ultimate Well-Being Ultimate well-being relies on the food you eat throughout the day. I’ll be honest. I am terrible at living; you know, the day-to-day. That’s because I spent almost my entire life travelling, working like a fiend, and eating out with people. Then the pandemic hit and SMACK! I had to go…

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Know Thyself to Know What You Want

know thyself graphic

Know Thyself to Know What You Want It’s vital to learn about yourself in a changing world. Knowing thyself allows you to adapt to your strengths. There are many ways to learn about yourself including personality tests, family/friend feedback, journaling/writing, and meditation. Know thyself. This ancient Greek aphorism, originally attributed to Socrates, is said to…

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Physical Well-Being: Adjustment & Action

physical well-being, women warming up to run

Physical Well-Being: Adjustment & Action As we progress through successive stages, you will begin to take charge of your physical well-being and use it as a tool to boost Ultimate Well-being. Now we will employ key practices like IF/Then, Habit Stacking, Pomodoro Technique and more. Adjustment You are putting in a lot of hard work…

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