Physical Meeting 1 Notes: Achieve Daily Flow

Session #1: Achieve Daily Flow Understanding how discipline creates good habits that improve well-being Physical well-being fundamentally is about the discipline in developing good life habits.  To achieve daily flow, you need balance and you need the right mindset which can only be formed by you and how you go about the day and your…

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Try Zen Sports

Try Zen Sports Zen Sports combine your full physical, mental, and emotional energy into a sport. Sick of going to the gym? Feel like it’s a job? Don’t have enough time to meditate, workout, and socialize? So find a Zen sport and do it with friends. When you combine your full physical, mental, and emotional…

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Learn about Sleep Hygiene for Your Physical Well-Being

Learn about Sleep Hygiene for Your Physical Well-Being Do you really know if you are sleeping well? What are your nighttime habits? The practice of sleep hygiene means setting up the optimal conditions for your head to hit the pillow and go straight out, rather than tossing, turning, and stressing through the night.  The first…

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Learn about Chronic Illness and Physical Well-Being

chronic illness, woman in bed sick

Learn About Chronic Illness and Physical Well-Being Illness in any form has profound impact on physical well-being. How do we deal with this? Chronic illness is subtly yet profoundly devastating. It wreaks havoc on a person’s body, mind, livelihood, relationships and happiness. In particular, diseases not able to be properly diagnosed, treated or cured by…

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Learn about Body Image and Physical Well-Being

body image, women doing yoga

Learn about Body Image and Physical Well-Being Body image is how you view and perceive your physical self, but it is just that—an image, a snapshot that only offers one perspective. Where one person sees beauty, another may see ugliness or nothing special at all. That is perception at work. Sadly, our body image is…

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Physical Well-Being: Adjustment & Action

physical well-being, women warming up to run

Physical Well-Being: Adjustment & Action As we progress through successive stages, you will begin to take charge of your physical well-being and use it as a tool to boost Ultimate Well-being. Now we will employ key practices like IF/Then, Habit Stacking, Pomodoro Technique and more. Adjustment You are putting in a lot of hard work…

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Physical Well-Being: Awareness,Understanding & Acceptance

physical well-being, picture of ocean and mountains

Physical Well-Being: Awareness, Understanding & Acceptance Physical well-being encompasses the body or wellness, life, and work. Now that sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? It’s something you already do but most of it, you don’t think about it. One of the key facets of UWB is developing awareness and taking a chaotic, confused life and…

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