Learn about Chronic Illness and Physical Well-Being

Learn About Chronic Illness and Physical Well-Being

Illness in any form has profound impact on physical well-being. How do we deal with this?

Chronic illness is subtly yet profoundly devastating. It wreaks havoc on a person’s body, mind, livelihood, relationships and happiness. In particular, diseases not able to be properly diagnosed, treated or cured by the medical establishment, or even with alternative medicine, leave sufferers feeling lost, powerless and perhaps even doubting their own sanity.

Often those with chronic illnesses are not validated by doctors about the symptoms they are experiencing, instead being told that they are just “stressed” or “depressed.” This leads them to wonder if the physical issues dragging their life down are actually their own fault, which further compounds their misery. 

The first thing to understand about chronic illnesses, even undiagnosed ones, is that they are real and not imagined. Pathogens in the body are causing physical issues that make the person feel bad and reduce their capacity to perform the necessary tasks of life. Ongoing unexplained symptoms like fatigue, headaches, body pain, digestive trouble, dizziness, skin problems, neurological issues, even anxiety and depression could very well have a viral or bacterial cause. Often people go for months, years or decades at reduced capacity, learning to function in a sort of half-life devoid of joy or hope. Sometimes they have been to many doctors, herbalists, and holistic practitioners, and tried many different protocols with no relief. People in this situation need help, healing, understanding and recovery. They need answers about how to overcome their condition. 

If this resonates with you, whether because it tells your story or because you’ve seen someone you love go through it, never give up the quest for answers. Don’t stop advocating for yourself, your spouse, your child or whoever is need of healing. Don’t settle for bogus explanations that don’t ring true and don’t cure the problem, such as being told to just “get more rest.” There are healers out there who have dedicated their lives to helping people come out of sickness, and who will work with their patients until they reach the root of the problem. One incredible resource is Anthony William, aka Medical Medium, whose all-natural protocols have helped millions to rid themselves of chronic illness. 

This is not just a matter of the body. Humans are comprehensive beings that comprise mind, matter, emotions and spiritual nature all interconnected. It all plays into your ultimate well-being. The toll that chronic illness takes on people’s thoughts, feelings, careers, relationships and even their faith cannot be underestimated. If you are going through this, have the utmost compassion for yourself and avoid those who aren’t compassionate towards you. You need to get through this and rebuild your strength with self-love and love from others. By the same token, if someone in your life is chronically ill, be as patient, sensitive and supportive as you can. Sometimes just being an understanding friend, parent or partner and validating their experience does wonders. As long as life remains, there is still a chance to reverse and recover from chronic illness, so don’t give up the fight!

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