Ravi Vemulapalli – VP of Operations

Whenever there is turmoil or a big change, you need to recenter yourself. UWB is the method for learning to re-center your inner self. Things may look fine, but you could be driving yourself into a rut. Even if you already meditate, exercise every day, have friends, and a great job, you may not know how to balance these the right way. UWB gives a support structure to talk to others outside of your circle to get a fresh perspective. UWB also provides a structure that is easy to follow and doesn’t take a great deal of time.

JoJo Bui- Fitness Enthusiast/Biotech Professional

It has inspired me to make some changes and/or adopt new habits which have been helpful. Always good to learn new things or refresh on known concepts and also learn from other’s experiences and insights. Thank you for doing this and for the opportunity to be a part of the group!

Ashley Lwin – RN, BSN

As a healthcare provider, caregiver, and advocate for social change, joining the UWB program was a timely gift I gave to myself. It was fun sharing the company a diverse, knowledgeable, and supportive group! The program helped bring more awareness to my daily habits. And the individualized coaching helped me make healthy shifts in my lifestyle including learning to celebrate small achievements. Deep gratitude to the team for helping me upgrade my self-care toolbox!

Eugenia – Silicon Valley Techie

UWB is a great program for anyone who is looking to discover their individual formula of ‘happiness’ and learn how to proactively manage their day to day activities that’ll lead to their ultimate well being.

Addie – Davidson College Student

The program provides a structure that enables you to identify, reflect and adjust your lifestyle as well as a strong support network. Would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to take full ownership of their life!

Michele Roldan-Shaw – Writer, Artist

I believe that individual well-being is the foundation of social and collective harmony. Learning about the UWB methodology has helped me be more conscious about the way I structure my life and given me additional strategies to address problem areas. There is so much information out there about well-being that it can be overwhelming to navigate without an overarching framework such as UWB provides. I have found it to be a supportive, respectful, insightful community and it fascinates me to hear what others have experienced on their own well-being journeys.

Brian Stinar – CEO Software Company

“Two thumbs up.” January 21, 2021-

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