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Want to read about our ultimate well-being success stories? Here a few:

Ravi Vemulapalli – VP of Operations; Austin, Texas

Whenever there is turmoil or a big change, you need to recenter yourself. UWB is the method for learning to re-center your inner self. Things may look fine, but you could be driving yourself into a rut. Even if you already meditate, exercise every day, have friends, and a great job, you may not know how to balance these the right way. UWB gives a support structure to talk to others outside of your circle to get a fresh perspective. UWB also provides a structure that is easy to follow and doesn’t take a great deal of time.

JoJo Bui- Fitness Enthusiast/Biotech Professional; Mountain View, CA

It has inspired me to make some changes and/or adopt new habits which have been helpful. Always good to learn new things or refresh on known concepts and also learn from other’s experiences and insights. Thank you for doing this and for the opportunity to be a part of the group!

Ashley Lwin – RN, BSN; Augusta, Georgia

As a healthcare provider, caregiver, and advocate for social change, joining the UWB program was a timely gift I gave to myself. It was fun sharing the company a diverse, knowledgeable, and supportive group! The program helped bring more awareness to my daily habits. And the individualized coaching helped me make healthy shifts in my lifestyle including learning to celebrate small achievements. Deep gratitude to the team for helping me upgrade my self-care toolbox!

Eugenia – Sales Operations for Technology firms; San Fransico, CA

UWB is a great program for anyone who is looking to discover their individual formula of ‘happiness’ and learn how to proactively manage their day to day activities that’ll lead to their ultimate well being.

Addie – Davidson College Student; Davidson, North Carolina

The program provides a structure that enables you to identify, reflect and adjust your lifestyle as well as a strong support network. Would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to take full ownership of their life!

Michele Roldan-Shaw – Writer, Artist; Savannah, Georgia

I believe that individual well-being is the foundation of social and collective harmony. Learning about the UWB methodology has helped me be more conscious about the way I structure my life and given me additional strategies to address problem areas. There is so much information out there about well-being that it can be overwhelming to navigate without an overarching framework such as UWB provides. I have found it to be a supportive, respectful, insightful community and it fascinates me to hear what others have experienced on their own well-being journeys.

Brian Stinar – CEO Software Company; Alburqurque, New Mexico

Two thumbs up. Will help you live longer.

Denet Lewis – Food truck and Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur; San Francisco, California 

Survive. Alive. Thrive.

Oliver Mcarthy – Financial Services Operations; Delaware

Struggling with lethargy, having self-doubt, and not satisfied with life during the pandemic, I gave this program a shot due to it’s small time commitment and reasonable price. It was the best thing I could have done for myself! It helped me tackle some of the areas that I wasn’t addressing in myself that were stopping me from flourishing in life; in small, consistent ways, the program helped me feel happier and more fulfilled. Despite these things being true, I think the main thing I would like to say to anyone considering doing this program is that you would be hard-pressed to find a better way to improve your general mood and learn some helpful tools to address any areas of your life that you have been wanting to fix than by doing this program. Kurt and his team are sincere, caring and provide a great deal of value in exchange for the small cost of this program. I can’t think of a better way to help yourself than by doing UWB and I encourage anyone who has been looking for a way to tackle those troublesome areas in their life to just go for it and find out how much better they can feel when they are striving towards their goal of achieving ultimate well-being.

Elizabeth Rowland – Political Candidate & non-profit worker; Knoxville, Tennessee

UWB provided me with an effective toolkit to improve my well-being and introduced me to a great community of people that can support me on my journey to find a more healthy life balance.

Ngoc Nguyen – Marketing Manager; Albuquerque, New Mexico

I’m more aware of how physical exercise and meditation can lift my mood during the day, so I commit more to them. UWB program provides me ideas of how to reframe my negative thoughts, and how I should focus more on the present.  I made some new friends and also received a lot of materials so that I can review later. I’ll join the next phase too!

Fred Tsai – Technology Executive; Los Angeles, CA

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. UWB is like the essential months (or years) long training that is necessary for peak performance — on much easier because you have UWB coaches and community members right there training alongside you. Whether you are a software developer, a surgeon, or a bond trader, UWB is absolutely the place to start if you want to be your best self!

Michael Torres – Hedge Fund Operations; Denver, Colorado

Having never tried wellness techniques intentionally before, I found my experience with UWB incredibly educational. Taking the time to better know myself, and learn how to re-center in moments of frustration has proven invaluable. As important, the sense of community that UWB offers with this experience has been a game-changer for me during these times.

Danny Lamb – Music Professional and Teacher; Niagra Falls, Canada

The 5 week Ultimate Well-Being course, whether you’re new or experienced in the space of Well-Being, was incredibly beneficial. I found, week to week, more and more success in holding myself accountable to some of the little things, like bad habits, that i’ve been wanting to change for years now. Beyond the content itself, the community was incredibly supportive, providing a ton of great insight, feedback, and advice, to help me get the most of my time in the program.
In the future, I would definitely recommend this program to somebody trying to fix bad habits, be a better version of themselves, or just simply immerse themselves in a community of like, and open, minded people who will support you to achieve the goals you have in reaching your ‘Ultimate Well-Being’ Goals. Thank you Ultimate Well-Being!

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