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Travel Tips

Are you thinking, “Where should I go? What do I pack? How much does it cost?” I cover questions such as those and some of the best practices of traveling that I have learned about over 20 years. I’m mostly a flashpacker – one notch up from a backpacker. So if you are too, then follow my posts here.

Road Trip Across the Southwest

mountain biking in moab

I never pass up the chance for a good road trip. So after picking up my car in California in August, 2021, I figured it would be a good chance to do a little exploring. I took a road trip across the southwest of the USA. Opting for a southern route across the USA, I…

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Advice for Traveling with a Date for the First Time

Advice for Travelling with a Date It’s difficult to travel with a date for the first time, here are some tips When you are accustomed to traveling alone, traveling with anyone else can be a bit of an adjustment, especially when trying to get what you want out of the trip. If you are traveling…

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Top 10 Travel Tip / Things To Do In Nairobi

Top 10 Favorite Travel Tips in Nairobi. There are many things to do in Nairobi, even a safari by the airport Nairobi is one of the most beautiful cities in Africa to visit. While for many tourists Nairobi acts as a transit point for visitors embarking on Kenyan and Tanzanian safaris there is so much to…

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How to Travel With Someone

Tips on How To Travel With Someone For the First Time Traveling with Someone can be difficult Here are my key takeaways when traveling with someone: Traveling with anyone – friend, partner, family member – for the first time is equal parts exciting and frightening. There’s a chance that the relationship will flourish…..or it could…

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The Advantages of Traveling Alone

Traveling Solo Can Give Many Benefits I always meet people along the journey Here are my key takeaways traveling alone: People often ask me why I travel alone. But when I travel alone, I always meet people along the way. So is that really traveling alone? Even when I do meet people on the road,…

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Travel With No Plan

The best trips I’ve been on have been unplanned, unprovoked, and untethered. They’re the ones that were without stress, without expectations, and without disappointment. Trips that led down uncertain paths to new encounters, and often new friends. You might be considering where to go for your next vacation, lamenting that you only have a week…

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Travel Like a Chameleon

To be a great traveler, one must be a chameleon. A chameleon’s color changes not only to help camouflage the animal and in response to temperature changes, but it serves a greater purpose of social signaling and physiological condition. When most of us travel, we want to taste the local dishes, listen to traditional music…

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Top 10 Africa Travel Tips

My Top 10 Africa Travel Tips. Prepare before you go to be physically ready and have a peace of mind Africa is safe for travelers if you take precautions. If you’re traveling to Africa for the first time, there are probably a lot of unknowns and maybe even concerns that you have. From getting vaccinations…

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VolunTourism: In Africa

Voluntourism in Africa It was the great anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela that said: “There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time & energy to help others without expecting anything in return.” When I was planning my trip to Africa, I kept thinking “what can I do?” I couldn’t just spend months…

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