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South America

South America is one of the most enjoyable places to travel for good transport, lots of adventure, fun people, and reasonable prices. I’m just now learning and plan to do more soon.

Brazil: Getting Acquainted with Rio & Heading South

Brazil: Getting Acquainted with Rio & Heading South My return trip to Rio + visiting Iguazu Falls and Porte Alegre Most Meaningful: Getting cleansed by the Iguazu waterfalls Travel Tip: Find balance between spending time with friends and travelling solo Understanding Rio After passing the first part of my trip with friends, I returned to Rio…

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Brazil: Arriving in Rio & Tiradentes

Brazil: Arriving in Rio & Tiradentes My initial arrival to Rio de Janeiro Most Meaningful: Experiencing my friend’s wedding and seeing old friends Travel Tips: Minimize your time alone at night in Rio de Janeiro In August 2016, I took my first trip to South America. Within hours of setting foot on the continent, I was kicking…

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Mestizo Paraguay: Two Cities

Mesitzo Paraguay: Two Cities Asunción, the capital city of Paraguay, is actually multiple cities in one, with Old Town and New Town offering completely different experiences, and the suburbs beyond something completely different again. Most Meaningful: Discover the local experience by meeting locals and immersing yourself in the local, rather than tourist, culture. Travel Tips:…

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Why Visit Paraguay? A Unique History

Why Visit Paraguay? A Unique History Obtaining the visa, all about the history, and Paraguay today. Most Meaningful: Paraguay’s unique history makes visiting a very different social and cultural experience to visiting the rest of South America. Travel Tips: Know your visa requirements in advance. Talking to fellow travellers ‘doing’ South America, they all said…

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Chile – Beauty, Art, and Good Times

Chile Santiago and Valparaiso should be on every traveler’s list. The last country I visited on my South American tour was Chile, but unfortunately, I had to cut my time there pretty short, as a stomach problem that was bothering me since I arrived in Brazil just took me out. But I managed to pass…

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Uruguay – A Relaxing Country with Great Asado

Uruguay – A Relaxing Country with Great Asado Various places, experiences and top tips for traveling Uruguay Top Travel Tips Stay at the El Galope Farm and Hostel for a more quiet time outside the city center of Colonia. Walk along the Rambla Pocitos, a promenade that stretches along Montevideo’s city centre beach. I recommend…

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Argentina: Buenos Aires and Patagonia

Argentina: Buenos Aires and Patagonia Like Brazil, Argentina was a place where I wish I had more time. Top Travel Tips There are many museums in Buenos Aires. Highly recommend the Museo de Bellas Artes La Boca For souvenirs and gifts, check out the big art market in Buenos Aires, Defensa  You can travel to…

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