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Political Activism

If we want a better country, we not only need to make a better me but also get involved in our political system. It is a must and so I’m not waiting anymore. Watch this space!

Politics and Happiness: Don’t Let Politics Derail Your Happiness

your happiness, friends hanging out

Don’t Let Politics Derail Your Happiness The intersection of politics and happiness can affect your well-being. Don’t let it. You’re enjoying some much-needed social interaction after a long quarantine. Everything’s going great until somebody brings up politics—blame or praise of a certain elected official, perhaps, or a brazen view on sensitive issues.  Suddenly your blood…

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What I Discovered in Alaska: Juneau and Seward

What I Discovered in Alaska  Encountering the  struggles with climate change Most Meaningful Experience: Hearing others speak about universal basic income If you have 1 minute to fill out 3 questions, please take my survey here!  Part One: Juneau   They say that the United States is such a big and diverse place that visiting…

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Working on Political Campaign in the Thumb of Michigan

Working on Political Campaign in the Thumb of Michigan Everyone should help on a political campaign to get the experience. The most fun I’ve had in the last 10 years is helping my friend run his political campaign. Giving all that I’ve done, you wouldn’t think that, would’ya? You hear,’ Politics is evil. Politics is…

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Singapore’s Government Funded Innovation

How Singapore Built an Innovative Economy The Government fueled the transition from manufacturing to skills-based economy  Singapore has developed an economy based on real technical innovation. From mid-90s, the government invested heavily in research centers to develop the skills and knowledge of its local people. It is the easy-to-do business hub for the emerging South…

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Create a Startup State: What American Politicians can learn from Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland

Short Summary: • Estonia, Lithuania, and Finland have created active startup communities and produced successful startups like Rovio, MySQL Supercell, and Skype. • American States — the same size as these countries — have been much less successful in creating startup companies and communities. • American state economic development officials can learn from these countries. A template exists to…

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A Solution to America’s H1B Visa Impasse

H1B Visa policy is at an impasse: US is not innovating and companies are going offshore in droves O’Canada and Australia have tested programs we can emulate Solution: Give more H1B visas for technical jobs in rural America Win-Win: Tech companies get more visas, rural America gets more jobs Just a few years back, Paul Graham led a group of venture…

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