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Real-life training

Mission Training for Your Startup  I took a few days in August to join Echelon Front’s FTX 3-day training where the members put into practice Echelon Front principles. I will put these principles into practice as mission training for your startup. Led by Leif Babin and JP Dinnel, we walked — sometimes ran — through…

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mark twain gut

Trust Your Gut How do you make decisions? I bet you don’t trust your gut. As highly educated homo sapiens, we are taught to analyze every detail that comes our way. Evolution taught us to overthink relationships, decisions, and ideas as much as the next over-educated person. Do you know what an MBA, CFA, and economics degree taught me?…

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Three principles of leadership

Leadership Principles and Building Resilient Teams with the McChrystal Group Over the last few months, I’ve been studying leadership. Two people I’ve learned a lot from are retired Army General Stan McChrystal, and author, podcaster and former Navy SEAL Jocko (more on him soon.) I’ve gained deep respect for their military achievements, leadership skills, and…

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Jocko’s Leadership Skills Training Course Humility. Balance. Ownership. Teamwork. According to Jocko, these are the four attributes that make a great leader. He learned that at the Battle of Ramadi in Iraq. Now, he shares it with others, so you can learn Jocko’s leadership skills. This is particularly important for entrepreneurs following our KDAlive Entrepreneur…

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