Yakiniku + Steak +Aussie Beef

Yakiniku + Steak + Aussie Beef

Yakiniku – an incredibly delicious assortment of meat served with a pot of soup, rice or on its own. I was fortunate enough to discover this place and have it tasted. To know more about Yakiniku keep reading. Before that, if you already know about Yakiniku mentioned below is top place to enjoy this delicacy in multipe recipes and forms.


We went to Japanese BBQ restaurant named Shoutaien at Shinbashi. The place was more than welcoming, it was warm, classic and the display of meat was eye-catching. Any meat lover would like to spend his/her entire life here.

Moving further, we ordered Shiojoukarubi, Joutanshio, Harami, Churousu, Gyara, Geta and Aburirousu. The dishes surpassed my expectations and I highly recommend this restaurant. It is the top most BBQ stop in Tokyo.

You can book a table or contact this restaurant from the link below.

Yakiniku literally means grilled meat, where yaki is to grilled and niku is to meat. Yakiniku has been considered over the years to be an art/craft that comes with so much craftsmanship. Anyways, just know that if you love grilled meat, you would love yakiniku.

Wasabi is a versatile root vegetable. It adds such a distinct taste to anything. Close to mustard flavor that is consumed in west but a lot healthier and more irreplaceable. You might not fall in love with this earthy rooty flavor because beginners have no idea how much wasabi to add to their sushi or any dish.

A common mistake made by many people is considering it as a dip or a sauce and adding a good quantity. If you learn to add the amount of wasabi to your dishes, then you’ll experience true love for this root vegetable.


I have been blessed to spend more than just a couple of days in Japan. And I have discovered all of these restaurants not in a day but after testing and trying a lot of them. My second choice to enjoy a quality time with Yakiniku is here at Janka Dogenz (吟味焼肉 じゃんか 道玄坂)

I had a guest Jonathan VenutoRory Gill Nigel Bath. The restaurant is open until 3 am and we had freshest meat here. Their speciality is Kalbi – a marinated meat in Wasabi. The meat is marinated in wasabi for 24 hours and while cooking it is basted with more wasabi.

I initially thought it is too much of wasabi but the taste surprised me in a good way and this place found its 2nd best place to have a different kind of Yakiniku in my list.

This is not Japanese inspired restaurant but Korean. I highly recommend this delicious treat if you are in Japan.

You can enquire more about their food, booking, reservations, party reservations etc. by following the link below.


We already know that Japan is one of the top locations to enjoy different delicacies, both local and international dishes. This place has become a destination where tourists go to enjoy a good time and a good meal. One of those amazing meals is the making of barbecued steak with delicious sauce. This is called Yakiniku.

Yakiniku can be eaten in two ways when you are in a Japanese yakiniku restaurant. You can order by a plate or stuff yourself with an all you can eat menu. Either way, you are sure to have an amazing barbecue experience.

Other places to Try Yakiniku and steaks


I have mentioned about Kintan in my blog about Uni. My friend cherry is a delightful person and she introduced me to the best Yakiniku and Uni. It’s a great combination if you’d like to try here. All the steaks are cooked on a molten rock either at your table or in the kitchen. If you ever want to splurge, try it out.

Follow the link below to grab more details about this place. http://tabelog.com/en/tokyo/A1316/A131602/13118487/


Another great restaurant in Shibuya, Bobori is famous to be the molten rock steak place. Yakiniku restaurant “Bobori” is a little different than a regular yakiniku restaurant. In this restaurant, the meat is not cooked using traditional cooking equipment such as with a metal plate or net. Instead they use molten rock plate.

We mainly had meat such as hamburger, foie-gras, Iberian pork, Calvi and Harami this time, all of them were super delicious. Ending a meal with a good desert is always a great idea. We ordered black ice with an image of lava. The texture was good, and it tasted more like a Vanilla ice-cream though. We had more expectations from this but not a bad tasting ice-cream for sure.



Another great place to try Korean Yakiniku is near Tokyo Dome. Tokyo Dome falls just before baseball stadium so, if you are going to watch a baseball game plan to visit here before the game. It’s just a 10 minutes’ walk from gate 21 right across the street. We always get the meat platter of Korean marinated beef. The salad dressing is so good that one bowl of salad will not be enough.


Steak or beef are eaten around the world in multiple ways with different delicious recipes. The tasty cow meat has been a source of sustainable and satisfaction for people since before civilization. As time goes on, new recipes are developed and there are many great ways to enjoy it in different countries.

Yakiniku can be made with different types of steak which includes an Aussie beef. We all know that Aussie beef are one of the richest and delicious meat out there. Yakiniku on the other hand, offers us an art in barbecue with sumptuous sauce to go with. This combo of yakiniku made with steak and Aussie beef is one of the most delicious barbecue meals out there.


今回は麻布十番にあるWakanuiに行きました。こちらのレストランはオージービーフ(AU Beef)の熟成肉(Aged Beef)のステーキ専門店です。お店の入り口にはお肉の熟成庫があり、肉の塊を見ることができます。サラダ、ラムチョップと前菜を食べたあとに、メインのステーキが登場します。6人で2キロのステーキを簡単に食べることが出来ました。こちらのお店は東京タワー近くに移転するそうです。http://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1307/A130702/13124827/

Wakanui is the meat lover haven in Azabu Juban. The specialty of Wakanui is Australian Beef. They have mastered to bring out more flavor from Australian beef. Australian beef is a delicious beef on its own but Wakanui’s recipes have added more flavor to this rich meat.

Our mouths were dancing with oozing flavors from this beef. Wakanui fed a 6 people crowd with 2 kilos of beef and we craved for more however, our tummies were more than full.

Check it out at the link.


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