Would You Like to Shabu-Shabu?

Would You LIke To Shabu-Shabu?

Shabu Shabu, or Japanese hot pot with a burst of flavors, is a popular family go-to meal that really satisfies.

You can go for just pork or beef, or both. Shabu-Shabu conveys the sound of ‘swish-swish’ – just a few swishes in the pot and it’s ready to serve!

The Shabu-Shabu texture is buttery, full-bodied and incredibly scrumptious. You dip your assorted, extremely thinly sliced meat in the hot pot full of delicious broth. There are different rankings of value-for-money, so the grade of beef is key to the quality of your dish. Shabu-Shabu goes well with ponzu citrus and sesame sauce.

I recommend these two places to relish Shabu Shabu.

#1 Imahan

Wagyu beef originates from Imahan. I guess they named after it. And yes! The wagyu beef served at Imahan is melt in your mouth buttery and delicious. Last night, we had a Mitsui Incubus re-union, and Kurabayashi-San seized the opportunity to introduce us to this fantastic Sukiyaki / Shabu Shabu place – Imahan. And we are not complaining, it was a memorable night, and the food was so memorable that I took time to mention it here.

Use the map below to reach there.


Usually, when eating shabu shabu, the customer dips the meat in the bowl. In this case, we didn’t have to shabu shabu, but the waitress cooked everything for us so that the meat was cooked to perfection. Everyone received a small bowl with a scrambled raw egg and sauce that created a small Sukiyaki bowl. Three main courses were served – just beef, then mushroom, and then tofu with onion.

#2 ShavuShavu Tokyo

I had dinner with two of my friends – Chialing and Daniel at Shavu-Shavu. This is #2 behind Shabuzen.  I liked the food, ambiance and the quality of food. However, I felt it was a bit expensive because it’s in Azabudai.

I especially liked the ambiance, and it is a great place to hang out on a date. Bring your partner here, and she will not be disappointed. Apart from the main course, the sides menu was also eye-catching with some delightful delicacies to order. Among the sides menu, we ordered spring roll Shabu-Shabu and tongue.

Use the map below to reach ShavuShavu.



3. Roppongi – Shabuzen

Another place that is great for Shabu Shabu is Shabuzen in Roppongi. The meat selection is excellent.





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