What You Can Do to Stay Young

What You Can Do to Stay Young

There are several things you can do to stay young.

One thing is for certain in life, your parents will let you know when you are getting old. I’ve also noticed my close Japanese friends will let me know when I’m getting old or fat but they are more helpful in helping me keep my youth via nice skin whitening cream, i.e. Shiseido.

My last trip back to Tennessee my family told me I was getting wrinkles on my forehead, my receding hairline has worsened, and I have wrinkles under my eyes. Thanks Mom. On a positive note, I was in good shape and some hair seemed to be growing back on my bald spot without any chemicals.

I have a good friend who is about 8 years older than me. A few months ago, we were chatting up two girls in a bar and we asked them how old do we look. The one girl said I was 35 and the other said he was 32. Touche! It is also common for me to go to a bar with a few friends, they get ID’d and then the bouncer looks at me and says, go ahead. I think that this is because I make them look so much younger.

So let’s cut to the chase, I look older than my age. I admit it. So now I need some help, what does a white man do to keep his youth? I’ve been digging into this and I have a few solutions to help me and you to stay young.

1) Keep the heart-healthy. There is no doubt a correlation between staying in shape and keeping a good healthy complexion. It also helps with happiness as well. Nothing beats a nice 6 mile job at 10 PM or 6 AM. Anything physical will do it. Just do it.

2) Eye wrinkle cream. This stuff helps. It helps crease out some of those wrinkles under your eyes from staring at the computer. I’ve tried junk I get at the massage shop, nivea, shiseido, Fx. It all is the same to me so just smear it on and go.

3) I don’t think the addition of hair keeps you younger. I think it ostensibly makes you perceived as younger even if you aren’t younger. I’m not a fan of adding back my hair.

4) Sex. Look, all cards are on the table here. A nice consistent sex life keeps a man happy. There is no doubt about that ladies.

5) Music. I don’t play or sing, God help the world if I did. But I can cut a rug. Music keeps you going. Play some ghetto rap, play some jazz, play some Francais, play some country music like grandma and grandpa used to play and go on down the river to a Cajun hideaway.

5) Working with the youth. Working with younger people who have the excitement of youth, new ideas, and grandiose scheme. It really does keep you young.

6) Do feel good stuff. Do some charity, volunteer work. That makes your heart happy and that is good stuff too.

These are some things you can do to stay young.

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