Top Ten Reasons Why San Franciscans Would Love Tokyo

Top Ten Reasons Why San Franciscans Would Love Tokyo

And they are…

1. Foodies! – Everyone knows I don’t like super expensive tasting menus and would always prefer a burrito or Yoshinoya. That said, I’ve always said SF has the best restaurants whether a cheap burrito or expensive Michelin rated; Tokyo has cheaper, better restaurants and cheaper, more Michelin rated ones as well. So take a bunch of great restaurants and a city full of foodies and Tokyo takes my #1 foodie spot. Whether its sushi, Japanese style Italian, a kobe beef burger, matsuzaka beef teppanyaki, or Yoshinoya beef bowl, you just can’t go wrong,

2. The food is fresh, not processed, and the meat is organic. I’ve met two vegetarians whom moved to Tokyo and became meat eaters.

3. The Great Outdoors!

a. Skiing and Hiking – The Japanese Alps is as good if not better than Tahoe and much more accessible – only 90 minutes train

b. Surfing – Only 90 minutes by train at amazing beaches and warm water

c. Biking – there is big road biking culture with lots of great, long rides right from Tokyo and even nice, longer rides around the country. (I’m finally bringing my rode bike back in the summer)

4. Alcohol – Like most of Asia, there is no homegrown wine, but there is lots of great sake, whiskey and beer.

5. Much of the country is single – both guys and girls can benefit

6. Nightlife – we all know this is what SF doesn’t have, you can party till you drop; but, everyone knows reading this thread that I’m in bed by 12, unless I’m jet-lagged then party on!

7. Green – the country is very green, and has adopted all types of green energy as well as recycles. They have more Unesco heritage sites than any country in the world.

8. Health – Japanese are big now into the ‘healthy boom’. There is a big Yoga culture in Japan and one can find lots of small temples or outside places for a nice picnic or meditation. And the busy Tokyo workforce is slowly accepting a general appreciation for taking it easy and being healthy.

9. Its warm in the summer – maybe too warm

10. Music scene – Tokyo has a pretty good music scene with lots of international musicians who visit.

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