Top 4 Brunch Restaurants in Tokyo

Top 4 Brunch Restaurants In Tokyo

Do not bypass brunch in Tokyo. Here’s some great places.

While visiting Japan, you do not actually think there might be some similarity to your own city or you can get what you like. I was taken aback multiple times when I discovered Japan closely. Brunch, I wasn’t sure could have been possible but a step in Japan I knew this place is rocking.

Apart from their own mind-blowing culture they have accommodated a place for other cultural values. That is the reason you can find food cuisines from across the world. Italian food, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese and what not.

Coffee culture is better than the most coffee producing countries. Japan is an advanced city and so, here finding a brunch which is essentially a late breakfast was not difficult. However, what was difficult was to select a handful of the best ones. In this blog, I have listed 4 top brunch spots where you can enjoy food as well as have an insightful experience.


エッグセレント 六本木ヒルズ Based in Roppongi Hills, this brunch takes the #1 spot over Lauderdales. In fact, they have 4 branches across Tokyo. If you are in Haneda Airport, then walk into Terminal 2 to find one of their stores there. Eggs are a versatile ingredient and you can whip up some amazing dishes from it. However, this place makes eggs Benedict several ways. They also have a chocolate and champagne pancake for valentine’s day. They even ground the chocolate in the pancake.


Roppongi have many food options and if you are looking for a good brunch in Tokyo with great ambience – then try Lauderdale. Lauderdale is known for its excellent souffle and very light breakfast.


Giving Two Rooms, the #3 award may be debatable because the food is so good. Two Rooms is noted to be one of the late night posh bars in Japan for gaijins.  Alternatively, two rooms have fantastic food spread during any part of the day. The reason it gets dinged is that it’s quite pricey.

Though many people call it a gaijin spot – which it is – the brunch is mostly Japanese spread, enjoyed by local people – well, enjoyed by almost ladies as men don’t eat brunch in Japan. The eggs benedict and scallops are my favorite.  They make the most interesting muesli and the French toast is decadent.  They usually have good oysters as well.

In addition to the food, it’s the eye-catching view that has capitulated my heart and the area is nice to walk around and visit Omotesando. So, if you are looking for a impressive brunch for a nice day, this is a place to go.

Here is a summary from the website. Suspended high above Tokyo’s fashion district, TWO ROOMS GRILL | BAR offers simple yet elegant dishes utilizing Old and New World cooking techniques and only the freshest market produce. Working with exclusive winemakers from around the world, TWO ROOMS GRILL | BAR also offers a comprehensive range of international wines from our glass walk-in cellar. Located in the bar and lounge just across the water-terraced bridge from the main dining area, the 1800-bottle cellar also doubles as the entrance to the private dining room. TWO ROOMS’ exquisite cuisine and wines, extensive list of cocktails, the elegant wood-and-leather decor, featuring 50,000-year-old swamp Kauri from New Zealand, plus stunning views of the Tokyo skyline, will ensure an exceptional dining experience.


If you are looking for a posh, fancy set up with delectable Mediterranean spread then this is the place for you. Mind it, it is going to be a little heavy brunch as kebabs, and Mediterranean dishes are rich in flavor, texture and sizes.

Cicada is fancy and happening place in Minami Aoyama. Very fancy place and happening area at Minami Aoyama. Given the lavish spread the food is expensive but worth it.



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