The Future of Virtual Reality as seen by Students in South Africa

The Future that is Virtual Reality

Using Google Cardboard, South African kids discovered to the possibilities the world has to offer.

I hope this translates into more opportunity for others.

After a few days working with my team at Team4tech in South Africa, Clarence convinced of the future of VR. The applications for education and travel are real and relevant.  We spent a few days working with our Leap 6 students and their experiences revealed the effects of VR especially to those who are less fortunate. When they saw new areas like Dubai and New York, they were so excited to see the world outside of their caged existence. It gave them hope and new aspirations.

I took several of them to make our own 360 videos. We hiked a small hill and did a 360 video of the top.  You can see the video here.

While travelling I have three major uses for my 360 camera:

  1. Group walks and talks: It’s great to walk around in a group, do a small video, and have discussions about what is happening around you. It captures the feelings and emotion of the moment.
  2. Mountain Top: Nothing more beautiful to see than the dimensions from the top of the mountain just climbed.
  3. Tourist sights: In an area in Asia filled with temples like in Schwedegon Pagoda, in a piazza in Italy, or a museum filled with amazing artifacts, it is a great tool to capture what is really happening around you.

This is an exciting technology for the future. There will be a day when all videos will be taken and viewed in 360 forma




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