That’s Fresh

I recently went to a web2.0 conference where I was searching out deals to do mobile bling. There, I stopped by the Adobe Photoexpress exhibit where I spoke to a product manager. While giving my pitch to her, I exuberantly told her we could bling photos and send to the phone as they did on the web. She looked at me perplexed and asked,”what does bling mean?” I told her that is what they are doing to the photos. She said, “Oh, I get it, you mean edit the photos.” I sighed and moved to the next exhibit.

Last week, I was at an inner city baseball practice where I coach 8-12 year olds. I was playing catch with Tay-Tay, a 9 year old outfielder who hit like Reggie Jackson and wore a shirt layered in big SF skyscrapers and overlayed with golden glittered text that read “Bay Area Boy.” He asked me what I do. Trying to be as simple and clear as possible to this young man, I said, “I bling mobile phones.” He stopped for a moment, thought about it, looked at me in the eye, and remarked, “that’s fresh.”

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