Ironmans, 3-Day Meditations, Writing Books

Purple Patch Training Camp

What do Ironmans, 3-day meditations, writing books have in common? Ironmans, 3-day meditations, writing books have a lot in common. Ironmans take most of what your body can handle. Three day meditation trips take all of what your mind can handle. During either of those, you want to quit, cry, stop; but, something compels you…

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Writing About Writing: Ten Tips to Write a Book

write a book

To write an 80k word book, you need about 5-600 hours between you and others helping. That’s the time. Cramming it in all at once is painful, so I suggest that you amortize it. Here are my ten tips to write a book. Ten tips to write a book: Find something you care about –…

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