Oyster + Fish Izakaya

Oyster + Fish Izakaya

An introduction to Izakaya

As I previously mentioned in my post, Izakaya is mostly mistaken for a Western style pub or a restaurant. Izakaya is an experience where you are served more than 7 course style snacks with drinks to accompany each of them.

Since there inception it has been a major hit with westerners as well as local people. After a long day of at work they like to unwind here with their colleagues. Any why should they not? It not only fills their tummy, but also gives them a delicious experience to enjoy food in the company of their friends and servers. Servers usually put on a play at display and are considered as the most hospitable servers in the entire world.

If you are new, Here’s a little introduction to Izakaya – Izakayas are a type of Japanese bar that serves a wide range of inexpensive, small snacks and dishes. They have been popularly compared with conventional Irish pubs and American taverns/saloons. We can in other words, say that Izakayas are the Japanese version of the traditional pubs, taverns and tapas bars. Aside Japan, these fun little pubs can be found in different countries around the globe like in Canada, the United States etc.

People usually mistake Izakayas for Japanese restaurants, but they are actually very different.

Apart from the amazing food and drinks, the Izakayas possesses an impressive aesthetic that represent different Japanese culture.

Some of the unique Japanese cultures you can experience at an izakaya includes different seating arrangement like counters, the horigotatsu (a hybrid setup) or the ozashiki (tatami).

Another Japanese culture you will experience at the Izakayas is taking off your shoes especially when you are seated at the Ozashiki and horigotatsu.

There are also time limits and seating fee at the Izakayas.

Oyster + Fish Izakaya

Izakayas offers a wide range of dishes like the ikayaki, yakitori, Gyoza, karokke, karaage, tamagoyaki, sashimi, and oyster, plus fish is one of our favorites on the menu. Izakayas that provide this menu present customers with a delicious experience you can never forget. This dish made with fish and oyster is a must try when you can.

Platinum Fish & Tobiko

Platinum fish is located near Kamiyacho Station. You can take the tube to Kamiyacho and exit through EXIT 2 (I’m a little confused but you can ask someone there) There’s a small side doorway near the Exit and you can find a bunch of restaurants there perhaps 5 to 6. All you need to do is read the names of the restaurants. The restaurant name is Platinum Fish.  There is also a Yakitori place and other Izakayas. There is another place called Tobiko. They cook grilled fish and scallops.


Taking a break from the Matsuri. We halted our rides and visited this interesting Izakaya. Apart from the usual food they served additional variety of food and Cherry on the top was the Ambience and the Décor.

I fell in love with their Uni pudding and I can safely give the title of the best dish to it. Also, they served us with 3 kinds of COD which was delicious, scrumptious and full of flavors.

Here is another great fish spot at Hikarie in Shibuya. We often eat there but this was the first time we came to this restaurant. They speciality is cooking Saba both in Miso style and grilled with salt.  In addition, they made a very special akadashi tofu dish. After lunch, we were refreshed and not tired.



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