Other Fun Night Out in Tokyo

Other Fun Night Out In Tokyo

Some more fantastic restaurants in Tokyo


The team of Wine Cellar Grill is incredible. The entire menu is made to be paired with different wines. As expected, they had a great wine selection even from California.

Its great date spot or group night out spot. My favorite is the Jamon Iberico – which they have a leg that they cut the ham from. The roasted duck and lamb shank are fantastic and great wine pairs.

Ratatouille the famous dish from the movie of the same name. I always wondered if such a dish existed and yes, the ratatouille served here was amazing and is an incredible choice to have as an appetizer. Nothing beats the tiramisu for dessert. Tiramisu and wine, they go hand in hand. But don’t go indulge in too many sweet dishes and wine.

Since, the entire cellar is filled with wines, you can walk around and sample wines or ask them to pair the wine with a snack of their choice and trust me, they have great snack to serve with each chosen wine.



Kill Bill? Yes! It is a famous restaurant and many tourists frequent this place. Gonpachi’s Nishi Azabu restaurant is also infamous as the setting for the movie “Kill Bill” and as a place where President Bush met at a pub.

Traditional Japanese dishes are specifically altered to meet tourists taste palette. Which is a good thing, if you are new in Japan, try Japanese cuisine here before heading out else were to get a hang of what kind of flavors to expect from the cuisine.

Although, Japanese cuisine have indeed reached almost all the nooks and corners of the world, but authentic taste and cuisine flavors are best found on the land of Japan.

This time, when we visited this place – we ate sashimi platter, beef bowl (using A4 rank), tofu, chicken tail and so on. They were all delicious, but tofu was an excellent item. and you can enjoy the rich taste even if you eat it as it is.

If you eat it with salt, the sweetness is further extracted, and it is very delicious.
This is the place where Kill Bill was filmed and is also a famous place for business meetings. They prepare many types of food-both standards especially include gaijin. These include beef sticks, chicken tail, round tofu etc … http://www.gonpachi.jp/shibuya/


I recently craved paella and found this amazing restaurant close to my office. They serve authentic Spanish food. The place and ambience is good, cozy and feels romantic. They also serve great Sangria.

I recommend for a small group dinner or date.  I recommend the squid ink pasta and mussels soaked in wine.



Spring Valley Brewery

The craft beer revolution is happening in Japan. The food is great and the beer selection is decent. The stout was the best beer.  Pizza, steak and chicken were good. Great place for a group of people and fun. I went their twice in 3 days.



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