Top Places to Eat in Ishigaki City, Okinawa

Top Places To Eat In Ishigaki City, Okinway

Ishigaki has some great places to eat. The village is a fun and festive atmosphere welcoming to foreigners. Enjoy your time there.

Ishigaki Village: This is a fun area in the middle of Ishgaki. The yakitori skewers tell the story.

Tuna Speciality: Today Lets eat in Tokyo takes you to Ishigaki where I am visiting a few nice restaurants. On my way to Okinawa Village I got lost and stumbled in this Tuna Specialty Restaurant.  The tuna was very fresh and was said to be real Japanese Tuna – which most is not.  I got the moriawase, of course. The fatty tuna was quite different than I had before as the fat was lined.  They served 6 different types of tuna.

Haruchan: The lady who runs it is named Haruchan. This place is right next to the Route Inn Grantia Hotel. During spring baseball training, the Lotte Marines come to Ishigaki. The signatures on the wall are of the players including Bobby Valentine. If you haven’t seen Mr. Baseball, please do immediately. They frequent this place for best local foods. I had the yaeyame noodles – which are thick and filling – and wild boar.

MotobuBokuJo: The base style and preparation of kobe beef  came from ishigaki. This is one of okinawas most famous yakiniku restaurants. The meat literally melted in your mouth.

KinGyu (Golden Beef) in Ishigaki City: This was recommended by the locals for great Ishigaki beef. Its probably the best beef in Japan – even higher than Miyazki beef.  Other top places, one needs to reserve for months ahead. I just walked in.

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