How to find Adventure in Japan?

How To Find Adventure In Japan?

Get insider access to experiences in Japan with my friend Jordan.

There are so many things to do in Japan and clubs to be part of. Before you go check out some of the top group trips like and

My good friend Jordan has a new business of excursions to more remote areas of Japan that include igloo festivals, hiking trips to waterfalls, and swimming with dolphins.

Jordan says, “All though all are welcome, these trips are mostly attended by expats in the greater Tokyo region along with a number of local Japanese, and the odd tourist with most participants joining through word-of-mouth. Conducted in English these trips are a melting pot of cultures, work backgrounds, and professionals from many different industries, escaping the rat race for a weekend of new experiences and off the beaten track mini-adventures. From relaxing at beaches and on rivers, to climbing mountains and jumping off boats to swim with dolphins, with the odd random unique Japanese festival thrown in for good measure, they are an opportunity to meet new people and hang out with friends while trying new things and enjoy life. Tokyo is one of the most populace cities in the world but it can be one of the loneliest, with language, culture, and a poor work-life balance making it difficult to make friends and social connections to maintain one’s personal well-being. Many people have joined these trips and found themselves with an instant social network, and being outdoorsy in nature, a healthy way to distress and enjoy a more enriching life in Japan. There is the added benefit of contributing to small local Japanese communities outside of the large tourist centres. Communities that are recovering from natural disasters or suffering from shrinking populations. Many of these are slowly disappearing and are desperate for new jobs to retain and attract younger generations. Tourism is an exciting and dynamic industry that is fun, safe, and interesting, and provides many jobs that are difficult to be automated and outsourced. These types of trips also help communities see the value in protecting their local natural environment, with most activities based in nature. There is a shared cultural exchange of outlooks and values often leading to some enriching experiences and a happier society for everyone. If you are interested in joining any of these experience you can contact Jordan at
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