Crepes: Breizh Cafe Creperie from Paris

Crepes: Breizh Cafe Creperie from Paris

This is a famous crepes chain found only in Paris and Tokyo.

After Maisen you can walk there in Omotesando.

About: The first Creperie in Japan

Galette Bertrand Larcher who, like traditional crepes, was born in Bretagne, has introduced the Galette to Japan at Japan’s first Creperie, Cafe-Creperie Le Bretagne.

His policy is that real buckwheat galettes must be prepared only by a crepier, a specialist crepe chef, so he has invited three crepe chefs to Japan from France.

These chefs offer the delicious results of their skill in combining carefully selected 100% buckwheat flour, French ham, cheese especially air transported from various places, and farm-fresh vegetables.

Bertrand is highly selective when it comes to choosing the ingredients, so only highest quality ingredients are used to ensure the traditional galette taste as it is known in Bretagne.

Sophie Darley “D’art Breton” (the art of Bretagne) is the ceramic which has been hand drawn the same way as it has been done traditionally in the olden times and where these learnt skills are passed on in the Bretagne region. These ceramics are displayed in the restaurant and are available for sale for the first time in Japan.

At present there are two branches of Cafe-Creperie Le Bretagne, located in Kagurazaka and Omotesando.

In each, you will feel and absorb the culture, as you delight in the food of the Bretagne region.

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