Coffee Culture In Japan

Coffee Culture In Japan

Learn about coffee in Japan and visit these coffee shops

Coffee culture, just like any popular culture, has evolved over the years to become an inevitable part of the lives of coffee lovers. There are so many unique coffee cultures out there that are presented from different countries around the world. One of such countries is the lovely Japan.

Japan has been known to be a sophisticated country with a vast wealth in culture and ideas which has extended to coffee making and drinking.

Japan is one of the countries with a high consumption of coffee. Coffee consumption is so popular there that you can find coffee shops in almost every nooks and cranny. As a result, it is not a surprise that Japan is ranked number 4 top coffee consumers in the world.

Coffee culture in Japan has developed uniquely over the years to give us fun cultures like canned coffee, morning service, iced coffee and coffee set with free toast and eggs etc.

Canned Coffee

Just like the name implies, canned coffee is simply coffee in a can. They are very affordable and can be found in vending machines and popular super stores. Canned coffee is mostly popular in Japan. However, it is not mostly preferred by the locals or any true coffee lovers. However, on the other hand, these vending machines do lend a hand for any coffee craving on the go.

Morning Service

Morning service – It is a unique take of Japan to attract people to their coffee stations and this strategy have worked wonders for the Businesses as well as early morning workers. Morning Service has to do with serving coffee alongside a discounted or free tray of toast/bread and egg. Morning service usually lasts for most of the morning to 11am. This trend originated from Nagoya flew to other parts of Japan in no time.

Iced Coffee

Another unique coffee culture brought to us by Japan is the iced coffee culture. Though this type of coffee can be found outside Japan, it is not as delicious as what Japan offers.

Other than these mentioned Japanese are known to experiment with different blends, brews and you can find something to match your taste-buds.

My favorite spots to enjoy a delicious coffee are:


If you are in Meguro or Gakugeidaigaku, I request you to pay a visit to this coffee shop. Everything about this place screams quality and quality time. They roast their own beans from around the world and you have options to choose the kind of blend and brew you prefer.

I like the fruity flavor of Guatemala Coffee and distinct flavor that an Ethiopian coffee blend renders. I am not a bitter coffee lover. So, it’s okay to not agree with me lol!

The other significant aspect that made my trip wonderful and unique was there was no Wi-Fi in the premises. Just like old good days, a coffee in a hand a book in another or “A Coffee in a hand and thoughts flowing in the mind or just relaxing and enjoying the perfect cuppa brewed especially for you.

  1. Chatei Hatou Coffee Shop

Chatei Hatou Coffee Shop is the first place I visited to sip coffee in Japan and I still feel it is the best place. The idea of Blue Bottle Coffee started after a visit to this store.

You can reach here without any fuss it is close to Hikarie in Shibuya. Shibuya being one of the most favored places to visit for great food you can easily plan a day to this place and book a place for food entertainment as well as grab a cup of coffee. Or you can just come here to enjoy the assortment of delicacies this place has to offer alongside coffee.

Cakes and coffees go hand in hand and if you can taste the best coffee as well as incredibly delicious melt in your mouth cakes then you are sure to experience foodgasm.

The hype is not fake they serve best food, best coffee and all of this in antique cups and porcelain crockery and the décor is breath-taking.

You can order either for new beans or old beans make sure to let them know your preference.

From their menu I picked and liked, Coffee chocolate and the ‘Raw Cheesecake’. Chatei Hatou also serves sandwiches, prepared with almost as much care as the coffee. Besides the pour-over variety, they also offer cafe au lait, cappuccino, and chocolate coffee, and a variety of teas, all of which can be iced.


Chatei Hatou Coffee Shop

Higasiguti Futaba Bldg. 1F, 1-15-19 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

住所 東京都渋谷区渋谷1-15-19

Tel: 03-3400-9088

Nearest Station: Shibuya

Exit 13a from Shibuya station is an elevator to the sidewalk. Facing that elevator from the street, find the side street to your right and go up that hill about 30 meters to find Chatei Hatou on the left looking like a little house.

If you are in Japan anytime soon, be sure to explore the many other unique coffee cultures that Japan has to offer. I am sure you’ll find your own coffee station that you’d like the most. Not only high-end places but also many small places have a lot to offer.


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