What is Tsukemen?つけ麺はなんでしょうか

By content | March 20, 2016

What Is Tsukemen? Most people who have not lived in Japan do not know what Tsukemen is. Tsukemen is a Japanese noodle dish consisting of ramen which is eaten after dipping in a separate bowl of soup. The soup is thick and should be appreciated.  If ramen is the perfect choice during cold seasons, tsukemen […]

The Only Chicken Ramen – Torisoba ラーメンBAR 鶏そば

By content | March 20, 2016

The Only Chicken Ramen – Torisoba Finding chicken soup in Tokyo is not easy but just next to my apartment is a fantastic chicken based noodle soup / ramen store. The owner spent time in LA and even speaks some English. My favorite dish is the house special soba with chicken, half cooked egg, and […]

American Bistro ‘Towers’ – Higashi Azabu

By content | March 20, 2016

American Bistro ‘Towers’  In Higashi Azabu Towers restaurant is across the street from my apartment. They do an American bistro with a variety of chili, chicken, vegetables like Okra and beets, and an amazing Aussie filet. They also have a great lunch salad and chicken over rice (not chinese style).  They are also very friendly […]

Malaysia: Penang, Malacca, and Georgetown

By kdadmin | March 12, 2016

Most meaningful experience: Learning about the diverse history of Malacca and Georgetown. Cooking Class in Penang! Eating, eating and eating – the hawker stalls in Malacca and Georgetown are sensational! Top tips: – Get lost in the bustling streets of Malacca’s Chinatown and admire the diverse architecture along Harmony Street. – Learn about Penang’s unique […]

Sweet Potato Truck

By content | January 26, 2016

Sweet Potato Truck They drive around time in the winter selling sweet potatoes. Catch them if you can!

Eating = Happy in Tokyo

By content | January 25, 2016

Eating = Happy In Tokyo

Lunch Time: 京王駅弁大会ーLunch Box Competition

By content | January 20, 2016

Lunch Time Lunch Box Competition 先週末京王百貨店で第51回お弁当大会がおこなわれています。全国から上手いお弁当作れる人がそこに来て、美味しいものを競争していました。去年の一位は北陸新幹線駅から高級魚のどぐろと、かに、といくらです。今年の一番は北海道から大玉ほたてたっぷりうにです。あまりに美味しくて手に負けなくて5代もお弁当を食べました。ローストビーフすしや、ステーキとご飯やかにめしも食べました。大好物はスモークさばでご飯と魚が詰め込んであります、つまり押し寿司である。最後はデザートです。二層で分けたクリームパステルを食べて、一つは牛乳クリーム、もう一つは卵クリーム。その混ぜたものが超美味しかったです。ぜひぜひ時間があれば行ってください。 Last weekend, my friends an I went to the Train Station Lunchbox Competition. Obento shops from all around Japan came to join the competition. My favorite was the smoked salmon and the uni, scallop, ikura bowl. If you get the chance, please go. 味しかったです。ぜひぜひ時間があれば行ってください。  

#1 Curry and Japanese Curry History: もうやんカレーと日本カレーの歴史

By content | January 14, 2016

#1 Curry and Japanese Curry History もうやんカレーと日本カレーの歴史 僕が東京の中で一番好きなカレーはもうやんカレーです。四種類の味から選べるカレーの食べ放題です。1。豚 2。辛い豚 3。牛肉 4。激辛のトッピング。食べ放題には野菜、鶏肉、サラダがあります。カレーが好きなら、ぜひ行ってみてください。 明治時代にイギリス人からカレーが紹介されました。そのあいだに英国はインドを占領している。当時はイギリス人シェフがイギリスの鍋物と香辛料とインドのカレーを混ぜて洋風のカレーを発明しました。日本海軍が英国海軍よりカレーを採用しました。時間の経過とともに徐々に流行っていき。60年代に本当に人気になりました。いまではカレーは伝統的な和食と言われています。 Mouyan Curry is our favorite curry in Tokyo so far.  It is a very simple, all you can eat buffet with four types of curry: 1. Pork 2. Spicy Pork 3. Beef 4. Spicy .  You can also pick different types of vegetables and salad. […]

Myanmar’s Magic

By kdadmin | November 1, 2015

Most meaningful experience: Taking a long train ride – just once – gave me a chance to see the countryside of Myanmar and appreciate the bullet trains of Asia. Watching people live on Inle Lake was magestic. Developing a new relationship with Wayne and Amber was special. Top tips:     •    Explore the […]

Re-Visiting Vietnam: 15 Years Later

By kdadmin | November 1, 2015

Visiting Vietnam 15 Years Later Vietnam is an exciting country in terms of economic development and food Most meaningful experience: I visited Vietnam again in November, 2015 – more than 10 years after my last trip. Seeing the economic growth and the potential for more excited me. Spending time with new and old friends. Sleeping […]